King Cobra: Just Can’t Get Itself Going

King Cobra, based on the 2007 murder of pornographer Bryan Kocis, means to be a darkly comic take on goofy criminals, and the culture clash between the sex industry and Middle America. Instead, it’s a flat, linear rehashing of a complicated and occasionally ludicrous situation, the kind of true crime that by all rights should…


TV Recap: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 9 Days (3.12)

While in the middle of solving a high-profile mafia-related case, Holt and Jake contract a case of the mumps and decide to be quarantined together. They think they’ll have the energy to find Joey Girabaldi while the illness runs its course but must ultimately battle a concerned Amy and the rigors of high fevers and huge goiters to get results. Incoherent and lost In their own illness-ridden minds, time seems to be running out…


Tower: Expertly Recreates the Horror of America’s First Mass School Shooting

It was almost 100 degrees that August morning in 1966 when Charles Whitman, an engineering student and former Marine, wheeled a rented dolly onto the University of Texas campus at Austin. Clad in overalls and with a veritable arsenal hidden inside a zipped bag, those who encountered him as they went to and from the…