Horrible Bosses 2 Review

In general, comedies are low-risk, high-return commercial propositions. They’re made relatively cheaply, often with one or two mid-level (or lower) stars of the comedic variety. If they don’t hit, they quickly fade into obscurity, their losses, minimal in the grand scheme of Hollywood things, written off. If they hit, however, they’re money in the virtual bank for the studios financing them, making sequels, wanted or unwanted by …


Mel Brooks: It’s Good to Be the King: Blazing Saddles Review – NP Approved

Mel Brooks made 3 masterpieces in his career and they’re all right at the start. First there was The Producers, then Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein in the same year (!). The middle one is perhaps his most enduring (though the other two are far from forgotten) because of its brazen attitude. From the song in the opening credits, spoofing the iconic opening song from High Noon, we know that what we’re about to see is …