Masters of Sex, “Blackbird” (2.6)- TV Recap

A few weeks back, Masters of Sex gave us one of the best hours of television I’ve seen this year so far in “Fight.” On the surface, that episode bore a more than slight resemblance to one of the all-time great episodes of another great series, Mad Men’s “The Suitcase”: it was an episode taking place largely in one location on the night of a landmark boxing match, where an older man and a younger woman with a complex, contentious working relationship sorted through their personal and professional problems.


Company Man: The Best of Robert Altman: California Split Review – NP Approved

Long mired in music rights issues and considered a relatively minor entry in the Robert Altman canon, California Split now looks more like a crucial point in the evolution of film sound technology and one of the best exemplars of Altman’s patented brand of naturalistic cinema. It’s a transition point between the genre-revising likes of …