New to Blu-ray/DVD: The Neon Demon, Valley of the Dolls, A House Is Not a Home, Central Intelligence, Barbarians Rising, Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the Fourth Reich, Warcraft, Two Films From Director Douglas Sirk, Motown 25 & Edge of Winter

The Neon Demon (Broadgreen) is a grim look at the Los Angeles modeling world. Jesse (Elle Fanning), a 16-year-old orphan fresh off the bus, is looking to be the next girl to hit it big as a high-paid fashion model. When we first meet her, Jesse is the archetypal Middle America girl-next-door. Her youth and beauty attract the attention of bigwigs in the fashion business. When she undergoes the requisite transformation, she clearly stands out among her fellow models. She befriends make-up artist Ruby (Jena Malone) and …


TV Recap: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 9 Days (3.12)

While in the middle of solving a high-profile mafia-related case, Holt and Jake contract a case of the mumps and decide to be quarantined together. They think they’ll have the energy to find Joey Girabaldi while the illness runs its course but must ultimately battle a concerned Amy and the rigors of high fevers and huge goiters to get results. Incoherent and lost In their own illness-ridden minds, time seems to be running out…


Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World: Occasionally Flawed, Often Sublime

Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World opens the only way a Werner Herzog documentary about the internet could: with a distinguished professor lauding the UCLA computer laboratory where the first internet message was sent in 1969 as a “shrine,” then punching the hell out of the gigantic processor used to send that…