Bernard Shakey Film Retrospective: Neil Young on Film: Rust Never Sleeps

Presenting a 1978 concert performance at the Cow Palace, Rust Never Sleeps (1979) is a bizarre, rather unconventional concert film that could only be presented by the eccentric mind of Neil Young. Taking note from German expressionism, Neil Young as Bernard Shakey uses assertive lighting, colour light …


Masters of Sex, “The Excitement of Release” (3.3) – TV Review

“The Excitement of Release” elegantly weaves several subplots about the effects and potential effects of Human Sexual Response underneath its story of Bill and Virginia struggling to figure out how to finance their work so that the research might become self-sustaining.


Dreaming in Technicolor: Rear Window

Only Alfred Hitchcock, The Master of Suspense, could take a story essentially set in a single room with a protagonist bound to a wheelchair and make it not only interesting, but at times downright nerve-wracking. Hitch understood how to make the confined space of that small, two bedroom apartment translate to a large theater and make the audience …