Magic, Realism: The Films of Sara Driver

Sara Driver is the crucial, and practically unique, link between the gritty No Wave aesthetic of the 1980s New York underground art scene and the grounded surrealism of Luis Buñuel and David Lynch. Unlike those more masculine cinematic surrealists, who indulge in Freudian impulses and sexual drives to subvert such established …


Masters of Sex, “Kyrie Eleison” (2.2)- TV RECAP

“Kyrie Eleison” is an episode about self-denial, about the things we keep buried deep down, hoping if we try hard enough they might go away. This isn’t just a personal struggle, though the episode is full of examples of people hiding their true nature from themselves: it’s systemic; it is a part of society down to the bedrock. As a culture, as a society, as a species, we ostracize those that are different.


Jaime on Criterion: Rosemary’s Baby Review – NP Approved

To those who have been reading my journey through the Criterion catalog, I must apologize for the lack of material seen lately. Right now I’m going through a huge chapter in my life; my fiance and I are in the process of moving into a newly-built house, and while we’re excited it’s eaten away at any time we have outside of work …