The Zero Theorem Review

There are directors who convey their stylistic vision to the screen with such single-mindedness that as a viewer you are almost predisposed to like or dislike the finished film prior to actually experiencing it; the key element being experience. Terry Gilliam is one such filmmaker, a creative force of such striking aesthetic …


Red Band Society, “Pilot” (1.1)-TV Review

In FOX’s new series Red Band Society, teenagers forced to live in a hospital ward due to the debilitating nature of their illnesses form quick bonds, check things off of the teenage version of a bucket list, fall in love, and resent the things they can’t do because they’re sick.


Company Man: The Best of Robert Altman: Short Cuts – NP Approved

A sprawling LA cityscape twinkles in the distance as helicopters are filled with poisons to spread across the landscape and eradicate some treasonous foe. The helicopters take to the skies in an explosion of light and fly in tight military formation, looming over the heads of all 22 primary characters of Robert Altman’s Short Cuts as …