Low Down Review

Joe Albany (John Hawkes) is a talented musician living in Hollywood during the 1970. He deeply loves jazz, his young daughter Amy-Jo (Elle Fanning), and heroin. The real Joe Albany was esteemed, playing with well-recognized musicians like Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. Director Jeff Preiss tells the story of Joe from …


Gracepoint, “Episode 4” (1.4) – TV Review

Most murder mystery stories are, on some level, about how we never really know anyone. They are stories about monsters in our midst we happen to overlook. Partly, they are metaphors for our own inability to fully see the people around us. But partly, they are accurate.


The Culture High Review – NP Approved

We have been conditioned to generalize. We hear a word that immediately conjures an image in our mind, and as a consequence of this, marijuana users tend to get a pretty bad rap. They are branded stoners and potheads, those labels carrying loads of…