Tickled: A Light Documentary on a Complex Subject

When New Zealand journalist David Farrier stumbled across a strange little sport known as Competitive Endurance Tickling, he thought he’d found the perfect topic for his pop-culture news segment. When he contacted the publicity department at Jane O’Brien Media about their hosted tickling events, however, he was…


TV Recap: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 9 Days (3.12)

While in the middle of solving a high-profile mafia-related case, Holt and Jake contract a case of the mumps and decide to be quarantined together. They think they’ll have the energy to find Joey Girabaldi while the illness runs its course but must ultimately battle a concerned Amy and the rigors of high fevers and huge goiters to get results. Incoherent and lost In their own illness-ridden minds, time seems to be running out…


Chevalier: A Brilliant and Affectionate Take on Masculinity

For most of us, buying a sleek new storage unit is an event. It’s not a high holiday or anything and we probably wouldn’t run to Instagram about it, unless we found ourselves pinned underneath in a tragicomic shelving assembly accident, but it’s an event all the same. For the rich men in Chevalier, the latest feature…