Tomorrowland Review

Tomorrowland is one of those movies that clings so tightly to the thin line between “good” and “meh” that it’s difficult to review, because each opinion is hedged with another. There is plenty of good and nothing explicitly “bad,” but none of it goes anywhere, so the audience just sits and waits for 130 minutes. And how am I supposed to review the act of sitting and waiting? As Roger Ebert once wrote …


Modern Family, “American Skyper,” (6.24) – Season Finale Review

This week, Alex finally graduates high school with honors…and Phil is stuck in Seattle after an ear infection gained during a business trip makes it impossible for him to fly home in time, forcing him to attend the party that takes place afterwards through Skype and a robotic servo (sidenote: how much money did Skype give ABC this season?).


Discovering Georgian Cinema: Susa Review – NP Approved

The texture of wood in desperate need of paint brings us into the impoverished world of Susa, the woodwork scarred with painful memories and neglect offers a wordlessly poignant backdrop as a child breaks a soda bottle to create a handmade kaleidoscope. When the world is bleak one must bring their own beauty into the world. The world of Susa is depressing and without hope as everyone who occupies it is in service to the business of dulling senses as an entire …