Submit Your: Top Ten Movie Titles


If a picture’s worth a thousand words, twenty-four pictures a second for two hours should be worth a hell of a lot more, but filmmakers (and sometimes publicists) have to distill the essence of their works into a suitably digestible phrase of no more than a few. A perfect title sums things up without being too reductive, is memorable enough to be recalled instantly, and ideally should be able to stand apart on its own. In other words on that last point, greatness in content may or may not go hand-in-hand with greatness in title. For my own list, I will try to limit myself to untranslated English titles (not to complicate matters with foreign translation issues, so sorry The 400 Blows) and to avoid titles that originate from other media. But feel free to go crazy on your own unregulated lists in the comments.


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Cinema transcends boundaries of time and space and thought and emotion; at its best it communicates the experience of being truly alive. I've been transfixed by the material ghosts of the movies since an early age, and I can't seem to shake them. Since reading and writing and talking about films are the next best things to watching them, criticism became a natural fit. Whether new or old, foreign or domestic, mainstream or cult, all movies are grist for my mill. Be forewarned, I'm an inveterate list-maker, so look out for rankings, topics, and opinions of all kinds. The AFI's got nothing on me.