Top 10 Religious Horror Films


Children of the Corn (1984)

“And just as he was offered up unto Him, so shall be the unbelievers!”

Based on a short story by Steven King, Children of the Corn straddles the space between an evil kid movie and religious horror. Though, at its core it seems to focus more on the disturbing world of the evangelical.

A young prophet leads the other children of a small town to commit mass parricide. Once all the impure parents are brutally murdered, the children gather in the cornfields to worship “he who walks behind the rows”. Obviously, a religion with a dogma like that is an extremely destructive one. But, maybe destruction is part and parcel with religion. After all, nothing unites a congregation like the creation of an enemy, even if that enemy happens to be your own parents.

The truly horrifying concept of the movie isn’t that religion is violent, but rather, that religion can convince otherwise virtuous people to commit said violence. It works like a fable, warning us that we are all but children, and can easily be influenced to do terrible things by the authority of religion.

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