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Ever since broadband internet speeds reached appropriate levels to allow large files to be downloaded over the course of an hour or so; people have been sharing media files across the world. Torrenting has become a major player in the media download market but there have been some concerns over its legality due to copyright laws – is there a way around these restrictions?

Effectively, there is no way around the legal implications of sharing copywritten material such as films, music or TV programmes; but you can remove culpability by using an appropriate VPN service to disguise your location or hide your IP Address meaning you become virtually impossible to trace.

VPN encrypts your data transfers and hides your IP Address meaning those pesky ISP’s won’t be able to track your activity online. As a result, you’ll be able to download any files you want without the threat of invasive monitoring or any ISP’s attempting to block your connection.

Of course, you could also consider streaming your chosen films if you can find a website that hosts them but it is also worth investing in a VPN service as these sites are also monitored. Streaming is also considered copyright infringement unless the media in question is being viewed via an approved service such as BBC IPlayer or Netflix.

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Speaking of Netflix, VPN can also give you access to alternative versions of the paid streaming service simply by re-routing your connection through a different country’s servers. The most popular alternative servers are, without doubt, the American options as the US version of Netflix features many more up to date and popular programmes than are available in the UK.

You could use a free VPN service such as Hola for your streaming/torrenting needs but, as with all free apps, the service is limited and can’t be used on many websites including Google. Overall, it is better to seek out a paid VPN service that provides three essentials: Privacy, a multitude of Available Servers and improved Speed.

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Privacy is crucial if you are to remain anonymous when streaming or downloading media files and the ability to change servers at your own discretion will give you greater access to the files stored online. Speed isn’t necessarily the most important factor but films can be in excess of 5GB and you don’t want to be waiting all day for them to download!

There is plenty of information on the best VPN services for torrenting available online and it would be wise to carry out some research before you invest – you might find that one of the cheaper options is perfect for your needs whereas some users may need a more expensive service due to their frequent torrenting activity.


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