Trailer: Berlin Syndrome


berlin syndrome palmer still

You know how it goes. One minute you’re on holiday in a different country having a one-night stand with a gorgeous local hunk, and then the next minute you’re trapped in his apartment forever. Such is the predicament that Clare, an Australian photographer visiting Berlin, finds herself in. The film is called Berlin Syndrome, and its trailer gives us a glimpse at what could very well be a tense and terrifying psychological thriller.

Personally, I’m completely on board for this. There’s a way to tell a story like this that is completely over the top, but Berlin Syndrome feels very real and minimal in its scope, which ultimately makes this look and feel very terrifying. The cinematography on display from Germain McMicking also has me hooked. Teresa Palmer is actually getting to do her native accent and Max Riemelt gets a great moment to close the trailer out that is both darkly comedic and bone-chillingly terrifying. I can’t wait to not show this to my mother-in-law before my wife and I go on a trip.

Berlin Syndrome premiered at Sundance earlier this year and stars Teresa Palmer and Max Riemelt. It is directed by Cate Shortland, with a screeplay written by Shaun Grant. It opens in theaters May 26.


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