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I'm an aspiring filmmaker from Los Angeles. Recently, I graduated from USC with my Bachelors in Cinema/Television Production and French (yes, I'm a "phile" for all things "cine" and "franco"). I will continue my academic career by pursuing a Masters in Film Studies at UCLA (feel free to call me a traitor).

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With films like Videodrome and The Fly, David Cronenberg revealed that film and TV is not only visual and auditory, but bodily as well. These mediums have a skin, whose irritation and infection can yield visceral reactions from legions of viewers.

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Some TV series like to pause from the weekly stress and drama of its central storylines by allowing its characters to venture outside of the confines of familiar settings. The premiere of the second season of Looking, titled “Looking for the Promised Land,” pauses from its San Francisco backdrop to explore a more natural setting.

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The Wizard of Oz has a sobering moment for its characters: Dorothy and her friends pull back a curtain to reveal that the ominous Oz is nothing more than a man running a machine. It is a moment that shatters their image of this deified being and turns him into a common person. While watching Only Lovers Left Alive (my first Jim …

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Melissa McCarthy has created quite the career niche for herself. From her success with Bridesmaids to her role in The Heat, the actress has played characters that are lost in their own delusions, much to the chagrin of their straight-laced counterparts. She is the wisecracker and the lovable goof, but…

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There are times when a person can feel selfish for being concerned with his/her own problems. This selfishness can be instilled when a parent tells a child about “starving children in Africa,” or it can be referenced in the often used “#firstworldproblems.” A globalized perspective is necessary to dispel Americentric/Eurocentric ideals and give a …

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My queer sensibilities have encountered a range of LGBT films, from the standard “coming out” narratives to the normalized queer experiences. It is the latter category that I love, primarily because it turns sexuality into a character trait rather than a narrative catalyst. This isn’t to say that films about coming out/coming to terms with…

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Contemporary horror films have become a dime a dozen. You remember them in the moment, thanks to advertising campaigns and creepy trailers, but you will inevitably forget that they even exist (I had completely forgotten about The Apparition until it recently played on cable). There are standouts amongst the schlock, but for every Insidious, there are twenty more horror films like One Missed Call and The Devil Inside. John Pogue’s The Quiet Ones, which was just released in theaters, is another entry in the slew of throwaway horror films. It is moody and atmospheric, but it relies too heavily on the (extremely loud) bumps in the night.

The film follows Professor Joseph Coupland (Jared Harris) who tries to manifest a spirit/poltergeist/thing (honestly, I’m not even sure how he labels this force) from a tortured young woman, Jane Harper (Olivia Cooke). Joseph enlists the help of his two assistants, Krissi (Erin Richards) and Harry (Rory Fleck-Byrne), and a cameraman, Brian (Sam Clafin), to aid and document his sessions with Jane. The film unfolds like any clichéd horror film: the spirit makes noises, skeptics try to rationalize the phenomena, the members of explore dark hallways, and the audience continues screaming, “Don’t go in there! S/He’s gonna die!”

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I have a confession to make: I have never seen a Jim Jarmusch film. Many have told me that Jarmusch caters to my cinephilic tastes, yet in spite of these recommendations, I have eluded his entire filmography. I took a small step to rectify this injustice by watching his recent film, Only Lovers Left Alive, which was a bittersweet moment (bitter because I couldn’t believe it took me that long to watch a Jarmusch film, and sweet because the film defied any expectations that I previously constructed).

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