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An aspiring English teacher foolishly placing all my hopes into one graduate program. My friends keep me in check, reminding me that my taste in all things is bad.

NP Approved wonder woman

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot have stepped into history with a monumental accomplishment in Wonder Woman. Hollywood’s gender disparities and deep rooted sexism have made it all but impossible for a woman filmmaker to pursue her vision, especially if that dream is filmmaking on a massive scale. Specifically, in the…

NP Approved alien covenant

Five years ago, as I walked out of Prometheus, my imagination was ablaze with the possible trajectories the sequel would go as David and Elizabeth’s journey to their creators continued. That film, while certainly dreary, had a streak of optimism in discovery that high school Austin expected to continue. I was totally unprepared…

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Ghost in the Shell, a remake of the 1995 anime classic of the same name, has been swept in controversy since the moment Scarlett Johansson was announced as the lead. Accusations of Hollywood’s latest whitewashing have dominated much of the conversation surrounding this film, and with good reason. People of color are rarely afforded ..

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Wolves is my first exposure to director Bart Freundlich, and if this film is any indication, his filmmaking is very earnest in its attempt to be sprawling and operatically emotional. Freundlich doesn’t always succeed in his emotional and thematic ambitions, but Wolves is a fairly fascinating attempt at understanding the holes wealth can leave in individual and familial lives.