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Film Festival A-Month-In-Thailand_2012_1

A Month in Thailand (2012) does not take place over a month and is not set in Thailand. I feel I should get that out in the open right away. It takes place in one day, New Year’s Eve, in Bucharest, Romania. The story kicks off with Radu (Andrej Mateiu) making love to Adina (Ioana Anastasia Anton). Then they are getting ready for the day, a lunch/dinner party for her father’s birthday then a New Year’s Eve party at a restaurant with their friends. Radu receives a call from Alex (Tudor Istodor) asking him to go to the supermarket with him. Radu goes and while Alex is off looking for something, Radu starts looking around like he’s seen someone and he tries to find the person but cannot.

Film Festival Matei-Coal-Miner_2013_2

I was surprised to discover that writer-director Alexandra Gulea had not also edited Matei, Child Miner. The single consistency during Matei is the evoked feeling that the film’s production lacked ruthlessness. Gulea’s screenplay certainly needed a few more drafts. Perhaps editor Bruno Tracq suggested they shave the film to under a half hour. Even if he made the suggestion, we still have an 80 minute film that never figures out what it’s here to say.

Film Festival Deflowering-Anna_2012_2

Fifteen year old Eva van End (Vivian Dierickx) is the quirky overlooked daughter in a seemingly perfect, but dysfunctional family. One day, much to the surprise of everyone except Eva, a German exchange student named Veit (Rafael Gareisen) comes to stay with them for a week. Through their individual interactions with the visitor, the van End family is forced to confront inner truths and deal with the frayed networks in their home.

Film Festival Northwest_2013_2

Casper (Gustav Dyekjær Giese) is an amateur freelance burglar. He scouts potential targets on real estate websites, rakes the score with his partner and friend Robin (Nicholas Westwood Kidd), and sells it to the Arabian gang leader Jamal (Dulfi Al-Jabouri) for an involuntarily steep discount. Casper doesn’t take well to the subordination. His mom can’t provide for his young sister, Freja, and seventeen year-old brother, Andy (Oskar Dyekjær Giese). Casper does this for them. He identifies himself by that role. His family is dependent upon him, his income, but to Jamal, Casper is little more than a Labrador skilled at fetch.

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