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There are moments in An Enemy of the People, Satyajit Ray’s third to last feature, that are moving and compelling and make for a near great film. Unfortunately, those moments are nearly all in the last 30 minutes of this slow-paced film and are almost undone by a less-than-satisfying conclusion. This is odd for Ray, whose films are …

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Akira Kurosawa only made two sequels in his long career. The first was a follow-up to his debut film Sanshiro Sugata titled Zoku Sugata Sanshiro. His second was Sanjuro, which followed his smash hit masterpiece Yojimbo. Sanjuro is a masterpiece in its own right and much better if you don’t watch Yojimbo just before. Not to say that …

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Klinger’s Double Play (2014) incorporates cinema history into the readings of two similar minded but stylistically different auteurs of our time. Beginning with shots from a program called Cinema de notre temps (Cinema of our time), and images of famous film critics, historians, and filmmakers, such as Andre Bazin, Klinger ensures that a …

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Jim Jarmusch started off making films with a minimalist attitude toward the scope of the story and the locations shot in but with broad, multi-layered characters. After a while, he turned that on its head and started making films with a broad canvas but with minimalist characters and a still Spartan storyline. Not to say his characters have …

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Robert Altman’s 3 Women (1977) is replete with psycho-sexual tension. From beginning to end, the atmosphere captivates the viewer. It is at once disturbing and provocative, constantly luring one into the void which subsumes both the film and its characters. Taking note from Bergman’s Persona (1966), Altman crafts a story of post-modern decay by juxtaposing the …

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When Sin City was released way back in 2005, it marked a return to grown-up filmmaking for its director Robert Rodriguez. After starting his first foray into child entertainment with Spy Kids, he…

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