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Shared living arrangements are mostly common among the younger generation, especially among students who split the costs of otherwise unaffordable apartments. Ralf Westhoff however, the writer, director and producer of Wir sind die Neuen or “We Are the New People”, introduces his audience to an unusual flat share that clashes with the norm. The comedy, shown in the

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Joe Berlinger, the Academy Award-nominated documentarian behind Paradise Lost and Some Kind of Monster, collaborated with CNN Films to make his newest film about Whitey Bulger and the recent legal proceedings surrounding his case. The film doesn’t cover much about Bulger’s personal history as a criminal, opting more to …

NIFF 2014 boy_military_classic

The documentary is a narrative which tells the story of Manipur, a north-eastern Indian state trying to heal itself through the American game of baseball. Manipur has had a long history of conflicts with the Indian army which has resulted in the martial law. This martial law gives Indian army the liberty to arrest anyone who could be a part of …

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As part of the Queer Outlaw exhibit, TIFF Bell Lightbox are giving filmgoer’s a treat with a Bruce LaBruce film retrospective. LaBruce’s films encompass a rebellious element that tests cinematic techniques and distorts its pornographic and experimental foundations. In Raspberry Reich, LaBruce infuses his unique methods with …


In a time when under-age girls are being objectified by a male director’s lense, female characters are written as merely a love interest or wet blanket for their male counterpart or generally given less to do in film, Happy Christmas is a refreshing exception to the misogynistic rule. Even though it was penned and directed by a guy, it boasts not one, not …

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The romantic comedy, like all genres, has familiar rhythms and tropes, ones that connoisseurs know by heart. David Wain’s new comedy They Came Together attempts to jam all those tropes in a blender, set it on obliterate, and come up with the ultimate satirical smoothie of rom com blandness. It’s a terrific conceit, admirably executed …

NP Approved Snowpiercer 2

They don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Then again, I don’t think they’ve ever made them quite like this. Joon-ho Bong’s futuristic pic Snowpiercer, his first English-language outing, is unlike anything you have ever seen. It’s a grand story told on an intimate level, bursting with intrigue, excitement, and real…

Reviews The_Case_Against_8_by_Diana_Walker

The fight for marriage equality in California has been long and circuitous. Same-sex marriage has been legalized then illegalized, deemed unconstitutional and held to be required by the state’s constitution. Every time victory seemed clear over the last decade-plus, it was snatched away. As The Case Against 8, the new documentary from …

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By the fourth installment, it seems almost pointless to complain about how loud, obnoxious and vacuous the whole experience is with these Transformers films, and yet it is almost impossible to stop. Destruction obsessed director Michael Bay seems hell bent on leaving no building un-demolished, no metropolis …

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Like so many indie Canadian road movies before it, Cas & Dylan (2014) uses brevity and light-heartedness to illuminate a deeply bonding journey. Much of the film lacks weight, as serious themes and conditions are glossed over in favour of a more affable and comedic course of action. …

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