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Child of God, the latest film from actor-director James Franco and based on Cormac McCarthy’s novel of the same name, concerns one Lester Ballard (Scott Haze), a young man living…

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Genre has never lent itself terribly well to Irish cinema: the folklore is too fairy-filled for horror; the war never hit hard enough for noir; the absence of guns makes almost absurd the idea of action. To have made of Calvary a full-fledged western, then, is quite …

Reviews Cabin_Fever_Patient_Zero_3

We live in a cinematic world awash with sequels, prequels, reboots, and reimaginings. Every summer, the original feature dwindles like an endangered species, with a bastion of based-ons eroding their stake of screen time with a growing frequency. This is not to fully denigrate the concept of a sequel, but rather to call into question the …

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For all their style, the source of the greatness in the films of Jim Jarmusch is not aesthetic, but conversational. Yes his oddball characters travel through some beautifully framed environments, but it’s the often mundane, ever-poignant banter that sets his films apart. Two Mafiosi discuss the contradictions of chivalry and feminism in …

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The syncopated rhythms of a heartbeat as interpreted by an ECG meter fill the opening frames of Shakha Proshakha (Branches of the Tree) with sights and sounds that remind us of our own frailty and impending mortality, particularly salient emotions for Satyajit Ray who was approximately the same age as the ailing …

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The Stranger is Bengali filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s final film and a fitting capstone, overflowing with the curiosity and humanist ideals he espoused throughout his nearly fifty-year film career. At seventy years old, Ray had perfected his own version of “late style” (like Carl Dreyer, Luchino Visconti, and Yasujiro Ozu before him), a lucid …

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The Wizard of Oz has a sobering moment for its characters: Dorothy and her friends pull back a curtain to reveal that the ominous Oz is nothing more than a man running a machine. It is a moment that shatters their image of this deified being and turns him into a common person. While watching Only Lovers Left Alive (my first Jim …

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A Most Wanted Man opens on the still waters of a canal coming to a roil as an undisclosed boat passes by in the waking dawn of the morning. The shot is held for an extended period of time, allowing the atmosphere and meaning to naturally reveal itself. It’s an effective metaphor for the imminent eruption of repressed emotions …

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