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Although this is the first Apichatpong Weerasethakul film I’ve been treated to, his name does come with a reputation of expecting the unexpected. The truth is Cemetery Of Splendour is cinematic poetry in storytelling.

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Jaden (Kent Moran) is tired of being a full-time loser. A high school dropout now in his 20s, Jaden is on the verge of being fired and forever relying on friends and family to support him, because he clearly can’t do it himself. In need of both money and respect…

Film Festival The Ardennes (dir. Robin Pront, 2015)

This year TIFF came to town in a giant swoop. Flooded with screeners and interview requests, this is probably the busiest I’ve been before the festival since I’ve started covering it. I’m trying my best to cover as much as possible considering the festival this year is incredibly diverse and some of them already have Academy awards written all over them…

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Upon entrance into my screening for The Visit, I spoke with someone who already viewed the film at an earlier screening. “I hope you like it…it’s different,” she said. I wondered if “different” was code for something else, and on the evidence of the film itself, I realize now that “different” means “this doesn’t …

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Set in the streets of Manila, Blanka (Hasei, 2015) tells the story of a young street kid searching for a home. Abandoned by a drunk mother and deadbeat father, Blanka (Cydel Gabutero) strolls the streets bumming spare change and, when opportunity strikes, thieving from inattentive tourists. She has courage and determination beyond her age, borne of her difficult circumstances. But, regardless of the hard outer layer she has developed, she is still merely a little girl…

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There’s something about hard sci-fi films (in which the featured science is highly accurate or extensively researched) that never fails to intrigue me. There are giants like The Terminator or Blade Runner of course, but then there are ones like Primer, a personal favorite of mine, who know just …

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Likely a euphemism for “fitting in”, Anna Rose Holmer’s The Fits (2015) is a coming of age story which inventively uses a mysterious event to poetically evoke the experience of acceptance. The story follows a young, female African American who becomes fascinated with the community of the Lionesses, a drill team which appears to her like a family. Presumably influenced by her older brother Jermaine, Toni (Royalty Hightower), a tomboy in roots, spends her time in the boxing ring…

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Undoubtedly, Kuba Czekai’s Baby Bump (2015) will divide audiences. It is certainly one of the strangest films to ever be made, boasting furthermore some of the most explicit shots of taboo objects such as piss, penises, cum, blood, vaginas, breasts, and masturbation. It is vulgar beyond reproach and unapologetically so. Czekaj wanted to show how the grotesque nature of reaching puberty and facing bodily changes is not for the faint of heart.

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