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Reviews Mojave

Thomas (Garrett Hedlund), a famous, floppy-haired, self-absorbed actor has run off from his family and his commitments to the desert, where his full schedule includes drinking and sulking and wrecking a Jeep technically owned by his million-dollar production company. He encounters a nutty and armed man by the name of Jack…

Reviews The 5th Wave

We’ve been there before. We’ve all been there before. The giant, threatening spaceships hovering silently over major cities. The natural and unnatural disasters. The body-snatching, Earth-obsessed aliens. The teen heroine – insecure at first, indomitable by the end – whose inner and outer journey audiences implicitly and explicitly…

Reviews Knight of Cups

There are obvious flaws with Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups. Many people have, and will continue to look negatively upon this film. What they forget, though, is that this film isn’t targeted towards a broad audience – Knight of Cups is reserved for the narrow category among people, general public and cinephiles alike…

Reviews Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 1.24.02 AM

Playwright and novelist Alan Bennet has found a place in the hearts of millions, thanks to his brilliant skewering of British eccentricity and powerfully touching stories in such great works as Talking Heads, Getting On and the 2012 National Theatre hit People. His witty insights into the . . .

Home Entertainment The Intern

The Intern (Warner Home Video), written and directed by Nancy Meyers, is the kind of movie that’s hard not to like. The characters are engaging, if not overly complex, and the story unfolds pleasantly as it combines some serious themes along with touches of humor…

Reviews Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 9.37.38 PM

To Libyans, Benghazi a centuries-old port city, the site of recent strife, one of the keys to controlling Libya’s economy, but to American, right, left, or center, Benghazi has become synonymous less with foreign policy than with domestic politics and a national political party dedicated to injuring the …

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