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MoMA ten-2002-03-g

Following his first experience, or experiment, with filming in digital with ABC Africa (2001), Abbas Kiarostami found another variable with which to explore and push the limitations of cinema and the boundaries between documentary and fiction. Ten consists of ten scenes shot with two digital cameras placed on either side of a car …

Film Festival Hellion

Hellion has familiar elements of the “Sundance drama”. It stars a famous actor in a promising director’s debut. We watch that famous actor take on an unfamiliar role. Children act mischievously. A shimmering glow washes over a depressed American town. While Hellion is a little too typical, it does have its positive points …

Film Festival poarta_alba_2014_1

It’s the great pleasure of the festival experience to see the unfiltered idealism of movies that may never make it beyond the circuit hand-in-hand with the ironclad assurance of yesteryear’s classics. And just as Structure of Crystal offered an old-school…

Film Festival restrung-wynguitars-2

The road for the idiosyncratic dreamer is a difficult one and wrought with perilous self-doubt and a lifetime of practicality nagging at one’s confidence. The ghosts of parents offer pragmatic advice in the back of the mind, sometimes leading the dreamer to forfeit their plans or relegate them to haunting whispers that become part of …

Reviews 22jumpstreet-1

Hollywood executives don’t think in terms of slates, of individual films, anymore. Instead, they think in terms of series, franchises, and now that Marvel/Disney has brought comic-book-inspired serial storytelling to mainstream audiences, mega-franchises. It’s not a total surprise then when a modestly budgeted action-comedy…

Reviews oc-1

The words “romantic comedy” and “abortion” aren’t usually associated with one another, for good reason. As a genre, the romantic comedy offers moviegoers a simple formula, one in which deviations rarely, if ever, occur and where variations are limited to casting, location, and time period…

NP Approved how_to_train_your_dragon_2_movie-wide

It’s been four years since we were introduced to Hiccup and Toothless, the two behind perhaps the greatest tale about a boy and his dragon. In How to Train Your Dragon, the two of the overcame insurmountable odds to convince their village and humans and dragons could co-exist in harmony instead of fighting each other. Now, in …

Film Festival 447774798_1280

Britain has produced a fair number of dark comedies with murderer protagonists, the greatest being the Ealing Studios classic Kind Hearts and Coronets. The new film Whoops! attempts to follow in that lineage, with a twist: Rose Clements is a faithful wife and mother who just keeps accidentally murdering strangers. It’s a setup with a …

Film Festival cremaster_1-1

The Cremaster Cycle is a collection of five films of various lengths. It takes its name from the cremaster muscle found fully developed in males (and found in a different form in females), that raises and lowers the testes in its response to temperature. Honestly, the title alone is but a tiny allusion to the overall framework of these works….

Film Festival maxresdefault

Writer/director/star Kestrin Pantera’s directorial debut Let’s Ruin It With Babies wears its LA vibe quite openly. The movie begins with a Kickstarter video, in which a woman states over 70s disco, “Ladies and gentleman welcome to the RVIP Lounge…The RVIP Lounge is a mobile karaoke unit housed inside of a customized RV. It …

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