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In the jungles of South America, families are being chased off their land by dangerous henchmen working for large companies. João (Chico Diaz), a farmer living with his beautiful daughter Vania (Alice Braga), has been fighting off these corporate vultures for some time, but fears he can’t fight them forever. Just as a group of three gunmen begin to …

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It’s an infamous event that was such a milestone in the study of human behavior that it is taught in every psychology class. In 1971, Dr. Philip Zimbardo built a mock prison in the basement of Stanford University and randomly assigned twenty-four male students the roles of guards and prisoners. Zimbardo’s goal was to study how the institution effects …

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The Look of Silence is director Joshua Oppenheimer’s second documentary film that takes on the heavy subject matter of the 1956-1966 Indonesian anti-communist genocide. As Oppenheimer has said the films can be viewed in any order, they accompany each other rather than act as a starting point and follow up. There’s no excuse to dive straight in with …

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Thanks to the success of 2014’s Gone Girl, there’s no doubt that Dark Places, another film adaptation of a Gillian Flynn novel, will receive two things. For one, it’ll be the recipient of fervent attention. Gone Girl, with David Fincher in the director’s chair, was a major critical success, starting conversation between all who watched it. Naturally, these same viewers would be curious about the next Flynn adaptation to come along. But, with that attention will come ….

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At last, we get a glimpse at the real Amy Schumer. The woman whose burning opinions, self-deprecating foibles, stubborn defiance, and crippling insecurities were heretofore channeled into impassioned, pointed, and hysterical skits on her trailblazing Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer are now laid bare, writ large, on a cinema screen that values longer narratives over wham-bam jolts of comedy, however ingenious those jolts may be. Trainwreck is that …

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Just because a superhero once, long ago, had his own comic book – or better yet, occasionally co-starred as a supporting player in comic-book publisher’s long-running, popular team-up – doesn’t mean he or she (but until now, it hasn’t been a “she”), deserves and/or merits his or her own standalone film. In the case of Ant-Man, the insect-sized superhero with the power to mind control lower life forms, Kevin Feige, Marvel’s go-to executives for everything …

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Ed Avery (James Mason) is a schoolteacher with secrets. For months, he’s been moonlighting as a taxi dispatcher to make ends meet, but he’s also been suffering from mysterious pains that he goes to great lengths to hide, especially from his wife Lou (Barbara Rush). Just as she’s starting to get suspicious, Ed collapses at home, and a trip to the hospital confirms he’s afflicted with a serious arterial disease. There is only one treatment: cortisone, which reduces …

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Minions, the third film featuring the Twinkie-like little henchmen after Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 (with part 3 coming out in a year or two), is a fun little movie that doesn’t strive for more than making the audience laugh from the silliness portrayed onscreen by these adorable little gibberish-spouting creatures.

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As far as found footage movies go, Blumhouse Productions would appear to be the king of the genre. After the success of the first Paranormal Activity, the production company stepped in and helped the franchise expand into a series steeped in fascinating mythology. Then there’s Patrick Brice’s SXSW hit Creep, in which Brice and Mark Duplass (the films only cast members) played out what could broadly …

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Another day, another studio hoping to manipulate our often impulsive modern youth into wasting their parent’s money on uninspired 80 minute-long found-footage stimuli. You’ve heard that phrase before, no doubt, and this weekend, boy did it ring true.

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