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Reviews bg05

Film, or any piece of art, cannot exist in a vacuum. Rather than blast unprovoked from the more aphotic recesses of the creative mind, art is instead a manifestation of countless intuitive processes – some cerebral, others biological – the spawn not of an insular, uninformed being but of one belonging to a precise moment in time, someone who’s ….

Apocalyptic Poetry: The Films of Bela Tarr turinhorse1

Oppressive wind torments the lonely inhabitants of a desolate landscape. It sweeps across the lifeless, chalky soil with brutal relentlessness, tearing down the landscape one layer at a time. If there is a deity minding the shop it seems to have either lost interest in the plight of humanity or is actively working at its destruction, but in either case the …

Reviews agirlwalkshomealoneatnight_iranianfilmdaily

Self-dubbed as the first ever Iranian vampire film, debutant director Ana Lily Amirpour creates an empty, sullen landscape of sand, bodies, and darkness, placing interesting people down the street from each other before shaking the whole damn thing up. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night strikes a beautiful balance between pulp, horror, romance …

Reviews the 50 year argument

It’s pretty easy to claim to know what you want, but fully knowing is another creature entirely. In this way, some films appear to have a vague idea of what they are about. They put together an enticing trailer, have a synopsis that gets right to the point, and their intent is something easy to communicate…

Reviews why-dont-you-play-in-hell

Innovation bears repetition in cinema. No idea is so great that it cannot be scoured by less imaginative directors to make a quick buck. The most potent example of this is the cinematic landscape in the years immediately following Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Tarantino’s film broke the mold, and a generation of …

Reviews manny-pacquiao-the-movie

What is perhaps most palpable in their documentary is the respect that co-directors Gast and Moore have for their subject, world-record holder Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao. They present an informal (since it is by no means an exhaustive) biography of a man who is a fighter, in boxing as well as in life; an individual who has known struggles growing …

Reviews bradley-cooper-american-sniper

Feelings are such on American Sniper that a review is no longer just a review; rather, it is a statement, a thesis, a loaded op-ed. One would hope such a piece would not rest solely on where one leans politically, though that seems to be where the debate has shifted. For what it’s worth, I’m in stark opposition to the Clint Eastwood who talks to …

Reviews paddington

Paddington is the most British film I’ve seen since The King’s Speech five years ago. I don’t say that disparagingly, either. There is an air of grace and civility throughout and an attitude of ‘if this is what it is, we’ll just deal with it and not make a big deal about it’. That’s certainly at work when no one questions (except one of the children) that …

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