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The American Dream is dead. Long live the American Dream. The old school version of the American died sometime around the turn of the millennium if not sooner. It died when the basic tenets of the American Dream – more comforting myth than a reflection of reality – of ever upward social progress …

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Your first exposure to Vampire’s Kiss is probably, and sadly, not the film itself but rather one of its infamous memes. It’s kind of a meme machine. After all, Nicolas Cage makes many silly faces throughout, so what can you expect the Internet to do with that? He spends at least fifty percent of his …

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There’s a moment in The BFG, Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s (The Iron Giant, The Witches, Matilda, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory) 1982 children’s classic, where the title character (“Big Friendly Giant”, not “Big F—ing Giant”), avoids detection in 1980s London by pretending to be a …

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The Purge has claimed the mantle from Saw as the audience-punishing, horror-porn franchise du jour, a seemingly endless series of carbon copy movies, hastily mounted and released on an annual loop for an easy cash grab. Good horror films historically tap into and comment upon prevalent social anxieties …

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Let’s try this again. Raise your hand if – in your finite or infinite wisdom – you petitioned Warner Bros. for another re-do, reimagining, or reboot of the Tarzan story first published over a century ago by pulp novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs. Now lower your hand if you happen to be associated or affiliated with …

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When New Zealand journalist David Farrier stumbled across a strange little sport known as Competitive Endurance Tickling, he thought he’d found the perfect topic for his pop-culture news segment. When he contacted the publicity department at Jane O’Brien Media about their hosted tickling events, however, he was…

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Leslie Caron was only 16 years old when Gene Kelly saw her dance on stage and knew she would be the perfect co-star for his upcoming musical An American in Paris (1951). Untrained as an actress and new to the United States, Caron alternated between nerves and irritation during the film’s production. As she tells it in…

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