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Film Festival Leviathan
(dir. Andrey Zvyagintsev)

As a grand, unequalled presence, Leviathan refers to the invisible forces that govern the moral and social world: religious and political bodies. Visual metaphors are presented in large expanses of water, a giant skeleton, and a bulldozer. These symbols display a contrast of sorts: they are natural and mechanical; their great presence is visible. The great forces, however, behind…

Back to the 90s 884e0a3054ec926675cc45008852e57b

When Clueless begins, Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) is shallow, self-centered, and vacuous. The most popular girl in her incredibly rich, Beverly Hills high school, Cher dishes out pseudo-spiritual guidance like Confucius raised exclusively on Cosmo, explaining her own philosophy in deliciously facile bon mots that she …

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Short film is an extremely underrated medium. It doesn’t matter how low or high the budgets are, the art in the constraints of short film is difficult to master. Take into account the full story depicted in a regular length feature: setting set up, plot, and full story. In short film, these elements must be infused in the first …

Reviews Dracula-Untold-Wallpapers

In recent years Universal Pictures must surely have been casting envious glances across the Hollywood lot toward Marvel, and to a lesser extent DC, following the astronomical success of their franchises. As they inevitably rummaged around down the back of their sofa they found a series of characters that could …

Film Festival You’re Sleeping Nicole
(dir. Stéphane Lafleur)

Shot with a 60s aesthetic resembling the French New Wave, but conveying circumstances present only in the 21st century, this absurdly comedic Quebec film puts together art and satire to decent at best ends. In 35mm black and white, a young girl careens through a life of purposelessness and ennui. She displays an evident complex of self-entitlement and naiveté, as one may expect…

Film Festival BlindMassage

Lou Ye has quietly accrued an illustrious filmography showing four films at the Cannes Film Festival, and most recently, winning the Best Cinematography Award at the Berlin International Film Festival with Blind Massage. Based on a best-selling novel of the same name, the film observes a micro-culture of blind …

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