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His first film in eight years, Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s The Assassin is perhaps his most polished and purely crafted picture. Acclaimed for masterpiece upon masterpiece, Hsiao-Hsien expectedly delivers yet another mesmerizing opus to add to the collection. A gorgeously shot and meditatively paced cinematic poem, The Assassin presents Hou at his most confident…

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The Key, directed by Jefery Levy is the third onscreen adaptation of a novel of the same name by Junichiro Tanizaki, and it premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival. William MacCollum’s feverish cinematography and David Arquette and Bai ling’s distant yet fiery chemistry makes this a compelling visual treat …

Film Festival kb_1-1

Clearly influenced by Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Andrei Tarkovsky, Gan Bi’s Kaili Blues boasts a contemplative rhythm of long takes which invokes greatly a sense of time’s passing while poetic language is heard via voice-over narration. Telling the story of two brothers who are at odds with one another, the film chronicles one, a doctor and uncle, who searches…

Film Festival mustang_1-1

A coming of age drama set in Turkey, Mustang examines five sisters living under the strict, oppressive tyranny of their Uncle, an archetype of the Turkish militant state as a whole. It charts the dualities of chastity and repression, liberty and modesty, and promotes modern feminist ideals of equality, self-expression, and equal rights. Mustang brings to light much…

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Dedicated to Tommaso Cestrone, a late Campanian shepherd renowned for single-handedly saving the Golden Palace from extinction, Lost and Beautiful is a well-shot episodic art film with certain documentary tendencies. Though a fiction which utilizes fantasy and a great deal of artifice, the film uses such qualities in an attempt to get closer to…

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Mauro Herce’s first feature film, Dead Slow Ahead, is an abstract science-fiction mood-piece which takes place on a freighter between Ukraine and New Orleans. Herce journeyed on the freighter, “Fair Lady”, for two and a half months, shooting 14-16 hours a day to bring us a mostly silent, highly contemplative observational documentary about people…

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O, Brazen Age is Alexander Carson’s personal tribute to cinema and literature. A highly referential film with much extra-textual gesticulation, Carson’s intellectual script is simultaneously its greatest strength and weakness. Replete with literary influence, from dialogue prose to narrative development, the film presents a wealth of culture within an…

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A striking cinematic experiment, Zhang Lu’s divisive Love, and… is both an homage to and a deconstruction of cinema, with its four episodic chapters subtly working towards a profound, accumulative end. With sincerity and a palpable love of cinema, Lu’s film presents multiple layers of films within films, with the first chapter happening to be the product…

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