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Vancouver made Charlotte’s Song is an exceedingly provocative film that titillates the viewer with a haunting atmosphere, lavish dress, and beautiful music while completely nullifying all this through its convoluted script, crime TV-like special effects, and lack of direction. Set in the 30s Oklahoma Dust Bowl, Charlotte’s Song tells the story of a mermaid coming of age. Her mother, a mermaid singer with the power to control audiences with her voice, dies…

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Kaufman’s first stop-motion film, a high concept animation about the mundanity of existence and the homogeneity of experience, joins his catalogue of thought-provoking psychological dramas. The film focuses on the life of Michael Stone (voice of David Thewlis), a motivation speaker whose life has lost energy as he has succumbed to a placid role as…

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In hacking terminology, to ‘rat’ involves deploying a form of aggressive malware called a Remote Administration Tool in order to gain control of a computer system’s functions, with the titular word of Branden Kramer’s cyber chiller denoting the person behind the hack. A ‘ratter’ is able to gain remote access of connected devices whilst staying completely…

Film Festival carol_1-1

Marking Todd Haynes’ sixth directorial dispatch, Carol is the big screen adaptation of author Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 novel, The Price of Salt (The Talented Mr Ripley, Strangers On A Train). Premiering at the Cannes Film Festival, Carol enraptured viewing audiences to a standing ovation and proceeded to be nominated for a number of festival awards…

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“I don’t demand much. I just want everything.” These are the words of superstar Ingrid Bergman, whose ambitious and illustrious career in film and theater is presented in this exceptionally resourceful documentary which places Bergman’s written and spoken words in the center of a film about her life. Narrated by Swedish up-and-comer …

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Eadweard, a highly dramatized biopic of legendary American photographer Eadweard Muybridge, uses the man’s theories of motion as a cinematic means of expression, authentically rendering a sense of his craft and genius in spite of the film’s obvious anachronistic tendencies and appeal to creative license. Special effects at times produce …

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Writer/director Frank Berry’s first narrative feature I Used to Live Here is full of more life than nearly all of this year’s major studio efforts, despite being much shorter in length and smaller in scale. A single frame from any scene can effortlessly communicate personalities and motivations to the viewer, and do so with gargantuan emotional …

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Suffragette should not feel as urgently relevant as it does. The film takes place largely in 1912 Britain, detailing the campaign for Votes for Women as the then-genteel movement -out of necessity or frustration, take your pick – morphed into something akin to terrorism. Yet, for its 100-year vintage, the film is only barely history; as a …

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Southpaw (Anchor Bay) is the story of a man fighting, both in the boxing ring and out, to regain his self-respect and win back the respect of his family. When we first meet Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) , he’s at the top, having just won the light-heavyweight boxing …

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