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Cannes Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 7.15.23 PM

Ken Loach returns to Cannes after being a tad hasty announcing his retirement from feature films after the premiere of his last film to play at Cannes: Jimmy’s Hall. I, Daniel Blake is a story that demands to brought to the attention of the wider world, a tale of injustice, snide cynical bureaucratic manslaughter …

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Again mining comedic gems that verge on crossing the void towards farce Bruno Dumont’s Ma Loute reappraised many of his troupes from earlier more inaccessible films in the Competition entry here on the Croisette. Again working with establishing actors alongside non-professionals he seems to hit on a …

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Hired to Kill (Arrow Video) stars Brian Thompson as Frank Ryan, a soldier of fortune summoned by a shady businessman with Congressional connections, Thomas (George Kennedy), to go to a tropical banana republic and kill Rallis (Jose Ferrer), a revolutionary who threatens American interests. Rallis is holed up in an impregnable fortress overseen by death-squad commander Michael …

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Audiences coming to Alain Guiraudie’s Cannes Competition entry Rester Vertical after his break out hit Stranger By the Lake (which played in the Un Certain Regard sidebar in 2013 and won best film of the section) are likely to be puzzled, perplexed and possibly peeved; long time supporters will likely …

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After the Coen Brother’s opened the Berlinale in February with Hail, Caesar! A film that gilded the Lilly over 1950 Hollywood and the meandering topics that surrounded that milieu; now it’s Woody Allen’s turn with Café Society, his mediocre tale of love set among the burgeoning Hollywood studio system of the 1930s.

Film Festival Putaparri & The Rainmakers (dir. Nicole Ma, 2015)

Peterson’s coming-of-age documentary chronicles six years in the life of Zachariah Doomadgee, an aboriginal growing up in Sydney, far away from his peoples land claim and culture. His father teaches him about his people, in an effort to maintain the culture, but Zach feels always split between the…

Film Festival City 40 (dir. Samira Goetschel, 2016)

Goetschel’s fascinating documentary takes viewers behind closed doors and into the past of a secret Soviet city, known as City 40, which was built for the purposes of off-the-grid nuclear testing and armament. Central to City 40 is a Nuclear Plant named Mayak, built in the mid-1940s soon after the…

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Where to Invade Next (Anchor Bay) is Michael Moore’s one-man excursion around the world to find countries that have great social programs for their citizens. As he states at the outset, the countries he will visit have their problems but he’s there to highlight the good, not the bad. His goal: to take the best …

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