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Cannes 2014 therover_1-1

Written and directed by David Michôd, The Rover played as part of the Midnight Screening in Cannes. The drama, starring Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson as the main leads, is set in dystopian Australia, when western civilization has failed and crime is of daily occurrence…

Film Festival maxresdefault

Putting another notch in his eclectic film making belt, writer director David Gordon Green, who has gone from stoner action comedy Pineapple Express to juvenile duds Your Highness and The Sitter to quirky dramedy Prince Avalanche, has returned with a revisit of sorts in tone to one of his earliest films Undertow. Such a range …

MoMA ANGELOPOULOS_1986_The_Beekeeper_01hr-52mins-57secs

The late Greek auteur Theo Angelopoulos’ The Beekeeper stars Marcello Mastroianni as Spyros, an aging man estranged from his family and the time in which he lives. In place of home, family, and job, he embarks on a road trip from northern to southern Greece as a beekeeper (as his father and grandfather once did before him). In the …

Film Festival ald_1-1

Photographer, filmmaker, and writer Daniel Djamo’s documentary is an audiovisual journal of footage shot from the end of October 2010 to early October 2011, marked by dates and slices of life. It is a direct confrontation not necessarily with the self, since Djamo is not the subject, but rather mortality through his grandmother Buni. The audiovisual journal entries, as it were…

MoMA reverse-of-power

Coup pour coup/Blow For Blow was Marin Karmitz’ third and last stint behind the camera. Its unfussy and blunt visual form functions intensely in the service of the story of a strike and sit-in at a textile factory by its workers. In this regard, the film is political in content and execution: Karmitz worked exclusively with one hundred …

Film Festival cripta_1-1

It might take a degree in Franco-Romanian relations and theology to take much away from The Crypt, and even then you’d need to be reaching. This tonally temeritous offering from sophomore director Corneliu Gheorghita isn’t half the existential allegory it thinks itself, or even a quarter of the fun. Just on the strength of the imagery that opens the film that’s an almighty…

Film Festival 13963-1

Appropriate Behaviour is one of those rare gems that truly surprises you. On the surface, this coming of age/coming out tale appears like something we may have seen before. The elements that make up the story are certainly familiar: the main character trying to get her life together, dysfunctional family, dating woes, all with a …

Film Festival THE-BETTER-ANGELS_Still_5

A.J. Edwards, the Texas born writer/director of The Better Angels, spent most of his career editing and working as second-unit director for Terrence Malick on films such as The New World, The Tree of Life, To the Wonder and the forthcoming Knight of Cups. With The Better Angels,Edwards graduates to the director’s chair and the …

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