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Apocalyptic Poetry: The Films of Bela Tarr The_Man_From_London_1_HR_copy

Maloin (Miroslav Krobot) is a switchman at the local train depot, but on this night, he’s more interested in a ship in the adjacent harbor than the train that has come in to his station. What at first looks like an attempt to sneak a briefcase into the country turns into a scuffle and then a murder, and Maloin fishes the case, filled with …

Film Festival Mountain Men (2014)
Dir. Cameron Labine

Mountain Men is a film centered on estranged family dynamics. Cooper (Chace Crawford) returns to a small mountain community for the weekend to attend his mother’s wedding. Cooper’s brother Toph (Tyler Labine) has other plans, he wants to bond with his estranged brother and talk over quality time spent at the family cabin. Toph convinces Cooper to investigate a…

Reviews exodus_gods_and_kings_movie-wide

I love epic movies. My parents’ movie tastes were very singular, so my childhood consisted of watching a lot of the same movies over and over. One of those movies that I was shown over and over again was Ben-Hur, which today remains one of my favorite films for reasons other than just its nostalgic appeal. William Wyler’s film …

Reviews exodus_01-plague-battles-and-big-waves-in-first-exodus-gods-and-kings-trailer

Far from the camp disaster many thought or expected it would be, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Ridley Scott’s latest foray into epic territory (e.g., Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Robin Hood) offers moviegoers the best and worst of Scott, his spectacle-creating, small-moment best and his narratively problematic, bombastic worst.

Making Waves Winter_Journey_1-1

In Lvova and Taramaev’s Winter Journey (2013), parallel stories become one as two seemingly opposite men are brought together by a chance meeting and its consequential events. Eric (Aleksey Frandetti) is an opera singer preparing for the most important audition of his life. Lyoha (Evgeniy Tkachuk) is a petty criminal and vagabond with no one and nothing in his life. The…

Reviews the decent one

I often become annoyed at those that speak in generalities, be it lumping entire generations of people into some terrible stereotype (honestly, not all Millenials are Snapchatting jerks) or ignoring films based on tangential genre labels. But there is one generality that I think we can all get behind: Nazis are evil. The only…

Reviews orson_welles

“This was a very unusual boy,” says Joanne Styles about childhood acquaintance Orson Welles, her comment a charming understatement about a man who has fascinated us since he first appeared in the public eye. With no shortage of interviews, talk show appearances, biographies, studies and reviews of his work available, it’s safe to …

Reviews maxresdefault

Death comes for us all, in the end. It haunts the conscious thinker at the very least periodically that all of this, at long last or short, will come to an end. Everything you are and everything you know may fall away in an instant, leaving nothing where you once stood. But what if it didn’t? The concept of immortality as an achievable goal …

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