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The Rock. Earthquakes. Paul Giamatti. Special effects. These are the four pillars of San Andreas, an action film that showcases the complete and utter devastation of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, as the San Andreas fault line splits apart in a series of increasingly high-intensity earthquakes. San Francisco’s architectural pillars are unable to support the city, which crumbles fantastically into a pile of fire, dust and dirt, topped off by a tsunami. At the centre of …

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We needn’t see the special thanks afforded Cristi Puiu in Self-Portrait of a Dutiful Daughter to feel the influence of that titan of Romanian cinema on this ambitious early effort. Wilfully casting itself in the mould of the Romanian New Wave, capital letters and all, this is the kind of film—for all its earnest achievements—that demonstrates categorically the…

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One of the major controversies headed into the 2014 Sochi Olympics in Russia, was concern for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender athletes. In June 2013, President Vladimir Putin signed a bill into law that aims to protect children from the “alternative” ways of the LGT lifestyle that could harm “normal” family values. As a result of the law, there was uncertainty…

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1776 (Sony Home Entertainment) is a film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical that lives up to the original. The 43-year-old musical has been digitally restored and looks great. The film is a musical retelling of the political struggle in the Continental Congress to declare independence from Great Britain. Given a light touch, the screenplay by Peter Stone features all …

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Jupiter Ascending (Warner Home Video) is a multi-million-dollar epic that makes you wonder how that money could have been better spent. This is the kind of movie that relies on special effects razzle-dazzle to distract the viewer from noticing that there’s a lot less here than meets the eye. Russian immigrant Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) was born with signs that she is destined for great things. As an adult …

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Count this as my favorite discovery at SXSW. A Space Program will polarize audiences. In fact, many people walked out during the World Premiere screening. The mockumentary/performance piece is sci-fi by way of Wes Anderson. Writers and directors Van Neistat and Tom Sachs constructed the basics required for space travel: space shuttle, space suits…

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Fitness people are weird. They drink shakes with ingredients that sound made up, cling to sayings that make less sense than even the most unorthodox of religious teachings, carry an air of superiority that is extremely off-putting and pay more attention to their diets than most anorexics and diabetics combined. Before you jump straight to the comment section to crucify me, I believe in the importance of an active lifestyle. A crucial part of my job requires me to sit on my ….

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There are two modern American filmmakers who have inspired my love of film and filmmaking, two completely disparate directors whose combined works somehow fuse to define my emotional, thematic, and stylistic preferences. The first and foremost, in a “revelation” that will come as no surprise to frequent Next Projection readers, is Martin Scorsese. In terms of style, thematic mastery, and pushing the medium forward by constantly and rigorously …

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Pirosmani jolts into motion with a haunting score and an ambiguous painting that offers a silently menacing backdrop for the opening credits. A wonderland of deep focus compositions emerges as we track through living paintings that are saturated with color, texture, and culture. We are presented with surreal imagery and disorienting cuts that tell the story of Georgian primitivist painter Niko Pirosmani …

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