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If the recent TV remake of Rosemary’s Baby didn’t quite whet appetites for fresh new takes on bringing the antichrist to term, its almost unanimous dismissal evidenced at least the demand for distinction in how storytellers approach familiar material. Enter Delivery

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There are times when a person can feel selfish for being concerned with his/her own problems. This selfishness can be instilled when a parent tells a child about “starving children in Africa,” or it can be referenced in the often used “#firstworldproblems.” A globalized perspective is necessary to dispel Americentric/Eurocentric ideals and give a …

Reviews Web-Junkie

It’s pretty common in our increasingly technologized society to make jokes about addiction to the devices we own and the programs they run. But what if society took those labels seriously, admitting people to rehab for Candy Crush overload or Facebook dependency? Though it sounds like the set up for a groan-worthy indie film called APPetite for …

Reviews Fault-of-the-stars

If you are under the impression that you will be seeing something revelatory, fresh or insightful in this teen oriented weepy about cancer, you may need to reconsider your film going choice. It joins the ranks of cute, emotionally manipulative, surface level explorations of dealing with disease, first loves, intense teenage …

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It is certainly an interesting time for independent cinema. With the advances in technology, more people are able to produce content that possesses a crispness that their older brethren could only dream of. Additionally, the wonder that is the internet opens these Davids to a wide range of different distribution …

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As a collective society in the aftermath of a tragedy, we often struggle to differentiate the victim and the labels media puts on them from the actual person behind them. Michele Josue’s brilliant, deeply personal and emotive documentary Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine is a conscious attempt to get a close look at the…

Reviews We Are the Best Vi Ar Bast[3]

Punk rock, real punk rock lived very briefly, burning bright and then burning out or segmenting into hardcore and new wave. For a brief few years, though, punk was more than just a musical genre, it was an active rebellion against the world as punks found it. It was more than just the music, it was a lifestyle. We …

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Rodrigo Guerrero’s The Third One (El Tercero, 2014) depicts a pivotal event in a young man’s life, one which shifts how he will forever view the concepts of love and sex. It is a coming-of-age story unlike any other, not only for its portrayal of homosexual relations, but for how it focuses specifically on the impact of sexual experience in a young…

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Director/producer Malachi Leopold follows his uncle Alex in a journey to reunite with his long lost Iranian lover, Ali, after thirty-three years of being apart. That statement alone would be sure enough to bring on the waterworks. Since the revolution, it has been almost impossible for Iranians to immigrate freely to the U.S. or anywhere else for that…

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New York, present time(ish) is my next stop for my journey through the Criterion catalog. I decided I wanted something immensely upbeat this time, and just like the run time of my newest title Frances Ha (85 minutes), my visit was brief, but rewarding. The newest film from writer/director Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale…

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