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Reviews EmptyingTheSkies

Based on journalist Jonathan Franzen’s 2010 essay, Emptying the Skies is a harrowing account of the decimation of migratory songbirds in the Mediterranean. Millions of birds are killed every year and many species are at risk of extinction. Though as recently as the last century, they were an important part of the …

Film Festival night-moves

Three environmentalist activists conspire together to execute the explosion of a hydroelectric dam only to be forced to endure various repercussions they didn’t expect. Such is the plot of Night Moves, the fifth feature film by Kelly Reichardt. The plot and scope of the writer/director is incredibly minimalistic, but the stakes and suspense could …

AFI FILM FEST 2014 Black-Coal_-Thin-Ice_web_LIAO_Fan_01

At one point in Diao Yinan’s third feature film, the camera presents the point of view of a car that is reaching the end of a tunnel. The year is 1999. A thick snow covers the road. To the right of the lane are a parked motorcycle and a man slumped on a block of cement. The camera with the car’s point of view passes him by.

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In the early 1950s, young photographer Stanley Kubrick disparaged the state of filmmaking and arrogantly proclaimed he could do better. He attempted with his first film Fear and Desire, which he later (rightfully) suppressed stating it was amateurish and pretentious. Only recently has the George Eastman House, who …

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After years of independently produced shorts and films, Stanley Kubrick would turn a chance meeting with a movie producer over a game of chess into what Roger Ebert called the director’s “first mature feature:” The Killing (1956). A fractured, late-cycle film noir, The Killing may have been ignored at the box office, but it …


We live in a world beset by fear. People are resentful, frightened, suspicious and insular, and as frustrating as that behavior is, sometimes, it’s entirely understandable. But when that fear becomes hatred and illogical, and when towns start passing ordinances in an attempt to stop people feeding the poor or helping the homeless …

NP Approved interstellar

Few filmmakers can command $150 million budgets with minimal studio interference. Even fewer filmmakers can command $150 million budgets and make films not based on preexisting properties or adaptations. After co-writing and directing the Dark Knight trilogy…

Reviews the secret trial 5

Governments are funny things, these large looming figures of power that oversee an entire populace. I can’t recall a time when a government was spoken of favorably. The conversation always centers on what the government has done wrong or how it is mistreating its people. They are sort of like…

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