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The Fatal Encounter, directed by Lee Jae Gyu is a Epic Korean film based on King Jeongjo and the Noron faction who attempt to overthrow him and come into power. The Noron faction is one of the various groups that tried to gain dominance in the middle and late Joseon Dynasty (15th-16th centuries). These groups were formed on the…

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The title of the Argentinian-Spanish co-production (including the Almodóvar brothers) “Relatos Salvajes” that translates to Wild Tales could not be more appropriate and fitting since the feature competing for the Palme d’Or is as wild as it can get. Written and directed by Damián Szifrón, Wild Tales consists of six self-contained stories connected through the common…

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The first out of three Canadian features in the official selection of the Competition had its premiere on the Croisette today. Atom Egoyan, a Cannes regular who already won awards for Exotica in 1994 and The Sweet Hereafter in 1997, returns with a thriller starring Ryan Reynolds and Mireille Enos in the lead. By reading the synopsis or watching the trailer of the film, one…

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One of the most exciting marketing campaigns ever launched by a major movie studio comes to an end this weekend with the long-awaited release of Gareth Edwards’s Godzilla. From the moment the movie’s teaser leaked onto the internet, every new, promising glimpse at the summer blockbuster created more buzz for the movie.

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If this were 1966, Young & Beautiful would star Charlotte Rampling in the lead role here played with similar wisps of mystery and elegance by newcomer Marine Vacth. Vacth has the same heavy-lidded, freckled, and inscrutable stare that has and still defines Rampling’s mystique –what actor Dirk Bogarde called “The Look”in the 2011…

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After winning the Best Director award for Naked in 1993 and being awarded with the Palme d’Or for Secrets & Lies in 1996, Mike Leigh returns to the Croisette with his biopic Mr. Turner, a film about the revolutionary British painter J.M.W Turner. Mostly known for his dramatic marine and landscape paintings, Turner was one of the leading artists of Romanticism and a

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Olivier Dahan’s Grace of Monaco already caused quite some controversy even before it was officially released as the opening film of the Festival on Wednesday night. Not only did the Royal family of Monaco describe the film as a “farce” long before its release in Cannes, Dahan and distributor Harvey Weinstein had an ongoing heated discussion about the film’s final cut. Once…

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It’s a certain sign of its small success that one might be surprised to find Chinese Puzzle’s a sequel. Cédric Klapisch’s comedy, checking in with the characters he introduced in 2002’s The Spanish Apartment and last looked in on with Russian

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Are we able to open on a POV shot from a moving carriage without evoking the spirit of Strangers on a Train? We ought to be, of course; even Hitchcock himself didn’t, saving that series of overlapping fate fades for a few minutes into the movie. That Last Passenger does so nevertheless is not a fact in its favour, even if its similarities extend…

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“What the bloody hell are you buggers doin’ out ‘ere?” Mick Taylor snarls at his prey as he drives upon their camp in the desert at night in Wolf Creek 2, repeating almost word for word the line with which he introduced himself to the world some nine years ago. Such fan…

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