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Reviews This Changes Everything

As a documentary, This Changes Everything (Avi Lewis) is first and foremost intended to spread awareness. This is integral to the film’s content, which deals with environmental changes and man’s relation with nature. In its measure to spread awareness, it aims to engender in the viewer a shift in their way of thinking, which…

Reviews Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.50.14 PM

There’s a lot of potential for outbursts in Cartel Land, Matthew Heineman’s documentary about power, community, and violence in the Mexican Drug trade. Every once in awhile these fireworks break out and develop into shootouts on crowded streets and the unwarranted storming of houses. Cruelty of the worst kind makes its …

Reviews Rock the Kasbah

If one were to glance quickly at the recent choices in projects by Bill Murray, from Broken Flowers to Hyde Park on Hudson and St. Vincent, one could make a broadly understandable but deeply uninformed assumption that Bill Murray is desperately in…

Reviews Spectre

With the arrival of every James Bond comes a wealth of expectation, speculation and anticipation. SPECTRE, however, has the near-impossible task of both following and expanding upon Skyfall, one of the character’s finest filmic adventures to date. Director…

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