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Film Festival A016

Thematically focused on the notion of dignity, Measure of a Man is a humanist film in the vein of the Dardenne Brothers, which explores through hand camera cinematography the details of a frustrated man’s life. It measure’s man’s livelihood in the current business-economic state of society which places capital and commerciality above human qualities…

Film Festival SecondMotherThe_1-1

The original Portuguese title Que Horas Ela Volta? translates to “What time will she come back?”, words stated twice in The Second Mother, first by Fabinho in regards to his mother’s constant leaving for work, and second by Jessica as she remembers feelings since childhood. Thematically, the film deals with separate classes in Brazil and how families may…

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There’s a marked irony to the way the traditional folk croon of “I Went Down in the Valley to Pray” opens After the Dance, distinctly downcast and far removed from the nostalgic sublime evoked in O Brother, Where Art Thou? for “them good old ways”. There’s little such feeling among the family Asquith as mother Pat travels to Ireland to . . .

Reviews crimsonpeak_1-1

There are a few constants in Guillermo del Toro films: beautiful set and costume designs, stunning cinematography and colorful characters. There is no denying that the set and costume design in Crimson Peak is breath-taking but unfortunately those are the high points that come from this film. Good news for those that love a good costume drama, bad…

Home Entertainment Manos The Hands of Fate

Good-bad movies are a kind of accidental art form. It’s almost impossible to intentionally create a good-bad film; to really work, it’s got to be the result of bad luck, undeserved ego and a complete lack of ability, usually combined with a low budget and pathetically good…

Fantastic Fest Love & Peace (dir. Sion Sono, 2015)

We all have our cult movies we share with friends and family. Some of these films are under-appreciated classics, others are the kind of films that are a mess from a critical standpoint, but they’re endlessly watchable. Drafthouse Films has a knack for unearthing these films that are so much fun to watch with an audience: Miami Connection, Roar and now…

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Often throughout the years, particular performances will astound the masses. Jake Gyllenhaal did so in Nightcrawler last year, as did Christian Bale fourteen years prior in American Psycho and, years after that, Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. These roles are brilliantly written, speaking volumes about the themes of their …

Film Festival hurt_1-1

At the age of twelve, Steve Fonyo had to face an insurmountable situation for someone so young. Doctors had to remove most of his left leg due to bone cancer. Years later at the age of eighteen, and inspired by Terry Fox, Fonyo successfully ran across Canada to 14 million dollars for cancer research. His attempt wasn’t covered widely at first because of Terry Fox’s…

Film Festival Borealis_1-1

Stronger in theory than in execution, Garrity’s Borealis boasts a dense script and meaningful direction which is somewhat undermined by flawed character motivation, contrived plot developments, and a slogging comedy-crime arc. Perhaps a bit indulgent to start, when the film reaches its cathartic closure, much of this seeming indulgence is forgiven through…

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