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Reviews Barry Lyndon

It is often said that Barry Lyndon is an atypical film for Stanley Kubrick, but that is not the case. The film is very typical when considering his overarching theme of dehumanization and the ills of society. Kubrick tells his story with distance, as per his usual, but he still captures the essence of the character and the story laid out in…

Reviews the big short 1

Adam McKay has spent quite a while crafting a certain kind of cinematic expectation. The guy makes dumb movies. Well, let me correct slightly, he makes movies that focus on dumb people. His partnership with Will Ferrell has led to the type of films that get celebrated in dorm rooms around two in the morning. McKay knows his audience and more importantly he knows how to entertain them. Despite his cinematic output, I never…

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Our Last Tango, a documentary directed by the Argentinian chronicling the career of María Nieves Rego and Juan Carlos Copes, two of the world’s most famous dancers in tango history. Further, director German Kral delves into the romantic relationship between the dancers, and the ways in which this shaped their dancing careers. Our Last Tango’s greatest strength is in its …

Reviews Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 12.49.01 AM

A man wakes up after a short stint in a police holding cell, still under the influence of the synaptic misfires and pale electric lethargy of junk sickness. He goes out into the pre-gentrified streets of New York City looking for a fix to keep the demons at bay for one more day. There is no tomorrow for the addict, only the immediate needs of the day.

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In 1977, a young director by the name of George Lucas introduced Star Wars to an unsuspecting public. Little did he know that a nostalgic throwback to the sci-fi serials of the 30’s would have become such a global sensation; providing much-needed escapism in a dark time of history. Now titled A New Hope, it was almost singlehandedly …

Reviews Brazil

There is much to be said about Terry Gilliam’s epic dystopian masterpiece Brazil, not the least of which is the masterful way Gilliam tells the story of an imaginative man shackled by the machine of conformity. It’s also amazing that the film was made at all, considering the now-legendary amount of studio intervention that went so…

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In the Heart of the Sea, Ron Howard’s latest, has seemed to sell itself as an intense two hour-long struggle between man and whale. At least, the marketing would have us believe that, as the bulk of it puts simply a CGI mammal on display while posters do the same. What has also been included in the marketing, but with less focus allocated to it …

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