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Special Edition bongjoonho

Bong Joon-ho is a leading figure of the Korean New Wave and one of the most innovative filmmakers working today. Known for a macabre sense of humor, deft sensibility and social consciousness, he consistently garners excellent reviews and cult praise…

Special Edition audition

Horror films have been terrifying me since I first set eyes on them. As a genre, there are many reasons for the seemingly constant production and audiences keep coming back for the thrill of the scare. Asian horror films are in a complex league of their own, more often than not being the subject of a Hollywood remake. Sadly the …

Special Edition chef

Food is as much a constant for humanity as sex and death, but far fewer films seem exclusively dedicated to the subject. Maybe this is because food can take on so many connotations and serve so many varied functions, from production through consumption, that the contours of a “food genre” can be hard to pinpoint…

MoMA FILM SERIES MK2: CARTE BLANCHE Three_Reasons_BLUE_Still_original

From 5-23 June, the Museum of Modern Art will present ‘MK2: Carte blanche,’ a film series devoted to the eclectic films produced by the company MK2. This year is the fortieth anniversary of the company’s founding, and the film series is a celebration of both the company and its founder Marin Karmitz. MK2 is one of the biggest independent …

Special Edition 1

The other bands on this list use their music for various allegorical and symbolic reasons, but Scott Pilgrim and Sex Bob-omb actually have to fight evil with the power of their rocking. Scott and his friends are called into an alternate video game dimension of their own Canadian hipster reality to fight the super-powered ex-boyfriends of his new girlfriend …

Special Edition 08-maleficent

Disney is more famous for their animated feature films. As a corporation who is completely orientated by family entertainment, it’s no surprise that they have an invested history in live action family focused feature films. This list was such a joy to compose because it brought back a lot of forgotten gems from my childhood. One thing that made it …

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