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Bob's Burger BB Chinchilla

Bob and Linda embark on a date night – and when Bob chooses to drive them to trivia night at Stoolz Linda is less than enthused by Bob’s lack of romantic sensibility. Especially when Bob’s unable to answer their more complicated than anticipated questions, turning their night into a major snooze. Linda decides to spice things up by stealing an answer sheet from the ladies’ room, sending them both on a quest to win.

Bob's Burger Bobs Millie

Tina and Louise team up (well, more like Louise wedges herself in there to make sure she gets the result she wants after Tina’s already been named head of the campaign) to help run Jimmy Pesto Jr’s school presidential campaign – mainly to keep Louise’s ever-creepy and obsessed “frenemy” Millie Frock from winning and thus ending up running the whole school.

Bob's Burger Bobs Math

Oh Tina Belcher. You’ve always been a lady of letters, quick to spin us a vivid portrait of erotic zombie-related butt touching. It turns out your weakest spot is the one thing quick clever wordplay can’t help you with: math. Under pressure to perform and knowing that another D means a summer of remedial math, she goes looking for a tutor, and ultimately turns to her friend Darryl.

Bob's Burger Bobs Speakeasy

Impressed by Teddy’s microbrewery skills, and at Teddy’s insistence and Linda’s urging, Bob starts selling his friend’s craft brew under the table. They soon run afoul of Hugo, who’s determined to shut down the restaurant on suspicion of selling dirty hops – but Bob decides to outfox his enemy by covering up the smell of brewing yeast with baking bread, which leads to Bob’s Burgers serving breakfast for the first time ever.

Bob's Burger BB Father

The Belchers decamp to Bob’s father’s place for a Christmas Eve party, and Bob soon runs into conflict with his inflexible, critical and undemonstrative father. Thanks to his father’s lack of support, Bob Junior can’t stand to stay around him for more than fifteen minutes at a stretch, though the rest of the family adores him.