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Brooklyn Nine-Nine B99 Chopper

Wuntch reappears to give Jake permission to work his dream case – the murder of Carl Mathers, one of the Fulton Street Four, which leaves Holt worried she’s setting Jake up to fail. This is the second gang member to fall dead, and Jake and Holt’s hunch that someone’s after the twenty one million the gang had stashed away it’s a race against the clock for Jake, Holt and Charles to solve the murders and retrieve the cash before the last two members of the gang end up dead.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine B99 ACDC

Jake gets injured on the job by falling through a sun roof while chasing after a perp. His broken ribs, fractured thumb, injured tailbone, bruised bladder, injured ankle and shattered toe force him to follow the case from his desk, but when he refuses to take it easy and only hurts himself even worse, and is thus forced to take time off from the force.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine B99 Sabotage

Lucky streaks break on this week’s Brooklyn Nine Nine. Jake deals with a bad luck streak by growing suspicious of perceived outside enemies, especially when he fails a drug test which results in his suspension from the force. Holt assigns Amy and Rosa to the case to investigates Jake’s beliefs and hopefully clearing his name, but Jake immediately involves himself in the investigation, but when his suspicions turn out to be real he ends up having to rely on his own wits to make it to safety before his stalker decides to end his life.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine B99 Defense

With their relationship on somewhat shaky ground, Jake tries to talk it out with Sophia only to be told she needs to take a commitment break so she can focus on her job, where they haven’t been tossing her juicy cases for ages. Jake swallows down his dislike of attorneys and promptly recruits Terry to infiltrate a cocktail party to better make things right with her boss by buttering him up and making Sophia seem a worthwhile prospect again.