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Game of Thrones

Another season of Game of Thrones will begin this weekend, and with it, another series of maneuverings, machinations, alliances, and betrayals. The world of the show is a cut-throat one where politics and power are virtually interchangeable, a place where your life and your position are only as secure as the alliances that keep you rooted in power. Before Sunday’s premiere, its time to take a look at the various major players in the series, the great houses of Westeros, to see just who has the firmest grip on the throne. When you play the game of thrones, after all, you win or you die. And all of the following have some skin in the game.

Game of Thrones

Apologies for no recap last week. Last week’s episode was so shocking it took a little while for my mind to stop it’s repeated cycle of “WTF just happened???” to even make sense of anything. From the first vicious stabbing of Talisa, I was in some sort of horrified catatonic state. What made the attack on the Starks brutal was the casual murder of Catelyn even as she grieves after seeing Rob stabbed to death by Lord Bolton. What was kind of amusing was the fact that she still managed to dispatch Frey’s wife before she goes. At least I found one bright spot in that bloodbath. Also, the Lannisters killed Ned twice!!!

Game of Thrones

This week Stannis is back to his dour self and trying to convince Davos that using Gendry as a sacrificial lamb is ok because they’re at war. I thought we were making progress from a humourless douche to something slightly better than that – what’s one up from being a douche anyway? But guess that was just too big of a growth spurt for Melissandre’s puppet king.

Game of Thrones

Ok, first he betrayed the Night’s Watch by giving out all the details of how many soldiers they had and where they’re stationed – hesitating on the numbers (so he doesn’t completely sell them out, I suppose). Then, seeing he was on a roll, he broke another Night’s Watch vow- the one of celibacy. But what’s a Aboy to do when a girl strips naked in front of you and offers herself as your sacrifice? Well pay her back in kind of course. The episode is called the “Kiss of Fire” after all.

Game of Thrones

Ghandi might have said, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind,” but obviously, he’s never lived in Westeros. Revenge was on everyone’s mind this week and no one is more entitled than our poor one-handed (former?) King Slayer.

Obviously, it’s now a fashion statement to begin wearing chopped up parts of yourself on your person. Jamie’s in a fashion bitch fight with Davros, who wears his fingers, and one-ups him with a hand. If you’re going to do it, do it right I guess.