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Modern Family MF Integrity

Claire refuses to let Phil buy a vintage, fully restored Miss Pac-Man video game cabinet so Phil turns to Jay for advice, but his father-in-law’s abrupt solution to the problem results in Phil having to assert himself with Claire, garnering unexpected results.

Modern Family MF Lost

Claire is en route home. Stuck in O’Haire International airport, she connects to the family through her Macbook, and the entire episode is conducted through the tasks and social media that’s extant on her computer. A quick catch-up session with Alex brings about her concern that Haley’s gone missing, and so Claire partakes in a session of virtual snooping via cloud on the family while trying to locate her missing daughter.

Modern Family MF Fight

Phil has a LeGrande time in coach with the magician he idolizes when Claire takes the only available extra first class seat on their flight home from a camping reunion with his college cheerleading buddies. Phil’s stuck alone in the seeming disaster zone that is coach but ends up seated between the magician and a massage therapist.

Modern Family Modern Family VD

Romance – and madness – are in the air this week. Though they have a rough start of it, Claire and Phil manage to resume their Valentine’s Day identities as Juliana and Clive Bixby, but after a wild night at a hotel Claire’s left worrying that Phil’s more attracted to Juliana than to her; Gloria’s seemingly prim, servile and modest – and constantly jealous – sister Sonia visits from Columbia.

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