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Modern Family MF Night

Claire and Haley are convinced that Alex’s honor-society member trainee doctor model boyfriend is imaginary, causing Phil to firmly back Alex – a process that grows complicated when the boy dumps Alex on the verge of Phil and Claire inviting him to dinner, leaving both parents to continue to presume that the boy’s been made up by their middle child.

Modern Family MF Turkey

This week, Thanksgiving once more descends upon the Dunphy-Pritchett clans, and there is, quite naturally, chaos. Luke and Phil team up to cook dinner, and Claire’s worries over the notion of them neglecting the family’s preferences are extreme enough to convince her to make a back up turkey, which she then hides in the garage to spare their feelings.

Modern Family MF Eyes

Cam and Mitch meet a popular local news personality, Anne Gibbs, at a function. She instantly becomes intrigued by Cam’s life story and his career as an openly queer high school football coach and plans to follow him around with cameras the week of a big game, invoking Mitch’s exasperation as Cam presses him into service cooking a traditional pancake dinner for the varsity football team, then abandons him to show off for the crew.

Modern Family Modern Family The Cold

Nothing bonds a family more than nursing each other back to health from an illness that’s spread through the entire group like a bad strain of Ebola (and by bonding I mean it forces them in opposing directions while somebody whines that they need the heating pad in one room while another needs orange juice in yet another).

Modern Family MF Push

This week, Alex and the Dunphys take a tour at California Tech (CalTech), Claire’s alma mater, where she desperately wants Alex to attend because it’s close to the house. While Claire tries to convince Alex to attend and Alex vows to go to an East Coast school while flirting with a boy she’s just met, Hayley, Luke and Phil split from the group and visit the science building.


Last Season: A full season of preparation and panic amounted to a hill of beans for Cam and Mitch, who, after battling pregnant best women, wildfires, crowded living rooms and interfamily breakdowns ended up with the perfect ceremony anyway and were married on Jay’s country club lawn by Phil.