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Missing Ann, Leslie throws a Galentines’ Day brunch to figure out which of her lady associates will be her new Pawnee best friend. Meanwhile, Ben, Larry and Tom go on a road trip to scout tent vendors and are confronted by the outrageous prices and demands of their supplier – and Ben and Larry find themselves struggling awkwardly toward friendship, and Ron’s attempt at temporarily escaping fatherhood is thwarted when Andy injures himself while they are out scouting vendors of their own, forcing him back into dad mode.

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Leslie continues to consider the job Grant Larson offered her last week; she remains completely undecided and keeps offering him more and more questions instead. Meanwhile, she ends up being the butt of the local press’ ire and two local shock jocks’ jokes when she and Ben try to create a new town slogan via an internet poll – and Crazy Ira and the Douche’s fanbase crash the poll with a write in campaign that tries to turn the town’s slogan into “Pawnee: Welcome to Douche Nation”. It quickly turns into a battle royal between Leslie, Ben, and the Douche’s freewheeling fanbase ; Andy discovers Ron’s secret double life as Duke Silver while scouting for bands to play the Unity Concert, causing Andy to idolize Ron and Ron to try and kill off his alter ego; and Tom, Donna (working as Tom’s real estate agent once again) and April try to find a vacant building to build Tom’s restaurant upon, but the desolate sight of the many themed and now vacant former-restaurants in Pawnee cause Tom to lose hope in ever making “Tom’s Bistro” a reality.

This week’s Parks once again pits Leslie against the boorish brashness of Pawnee’s residents, with a new twist; it makes a strong, and very truthful, point about dude culture and how it effects women like Leslie, who work in politics while believing in the greater good. Things turn outlandish in a hurry, with hackers and mad fans all taking their part – and Leslie’s fearlessness becomes a lesson in delegation and compromise, encouraged by Ben. And it was FUNNY, just watching Leslie try to fit in with the shock jocks, watching her try to battle cyberhackers, and watching her continue to give wholeheartedly to a town that barely knows she’s alive – which is a subject rather hard to dish out in a funny way, yet the show manages to do so, beautifully and consistently.

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Leslie’s continued efforts to break down the metaphorical wall between Pawnee and Eagleton leads to her trying to break down a LITERAL wall between the towns when a graffiti-laden picket fence on the borderline between the two former rival towns proves an eyesore. Leslie just wants to repair the fence in time for a visit by the head of the Midwestern Parks Department; turning lemons into lemonade, she invites the press to the deconstruction project, and it results in a bee-laden pr disaster. The media presumes it’s all an anti-Eagleton prank, which forces Leslie to work double-time to soothe the renewed friction between the two factions. Meanwhile, plans for the Unity Concert start shaping up: Ben and Tom team up to get permits for the event they helped plan last week by schmoozing with various local bigwigs, but Tom is irritated by Ben’s serious nature, which slows down his silver-tongued wheeling and dealing. Somehow the pitch turns into one for a restaurant, but can they seal the deal?; and Ron takes up a new hobby after his new son John brings everyone in the office by to fawn over him. This drives him from his office and to the sanctity of an uninhabited floor of the building, and sets him to helping the builders restore the place.

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It’s Ben and Leslie’s first anniversary, and in a quest to surprise Leslie with a gift for the first time ever and cause her to make a goofy face, Ben teams up with Larry, whose successful marriage does not necessarily result in the smooth delivery of an impressive gift due to Leslie’s busy schedule – but does result in a renewed friendship between Ben and Larry; Tom and Andy try to help Leslie spin doctor the Pawnee-Eagleton merger for the press – specifically for two fussy and feuding NPR hosts. She finds a hopeful solution in the discovery of a fifty year marriage between a Pawneean and an Eagletonian, but the feuding twosome are anything but the picture of wedded bliss; April and Donna tangle over Donna’s irresponsibility down at the animal shelter. Her response is an anonymous cyber campaign that sends Donna on a quest for justice and inspires Ron to take up a letter writing campaign of its own.

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Leslie continues to fight her upcoming recall election, something that becomes even more difficult when Councilman Jamm tries to stir up a scandal after Donna accidentally Tweets a personal message through the official Pawnee feed. Meanwhile, Tom meets a genteel charity worker when she arrives at the Parks Department to make a reservation, and while he thinks she’s way out of his league he’s terribly smitten with her. He tries to impress her with a British accent, which doesn’t work and forces him to turn to April for advice; and Ben tries to file a new will and manages to convince Ron to do the same on behalf of his new family, leading to a clash between Ben and Ron’s estate planner and Ron to reject their advice with a quick, brusque statement. That leaves Ben to convince Ron that perhaps it might be worth creating a document that’s more legally binding