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Pawnee deals with the absorption of Eagleton into its bounds, which means partnering up the people working in the Parks department with their Eagletonian equivalents. This leads to friendship for April, who absorbs the personality of her valley girl-esque double; Ron initially bonding with his taciturn doppelgänger – until he discovers the man’s a freegan; a rivalry for Tom whose equivalent is a snobby fashion plate; Donna’s double being overly-friendly and extremely emotionally intense; and Jerry’s return to the department as a temp worker, where he takes the staff’s abuse and reveals his real name. Relations quickly collapse due to merger czar Leslie’s attempt at righting the budget through staff cuts and loyalty contracts, but she’s unable to focus on diplomacy after Ann decides to unload her big news, becoming clingy and jealous. Meanwhile, Ben and Chris to play “good cop/bad cop” with the accountants from Eagleton, which leads to a memorable lunch between the two of them.

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Leslie decides to fight the recall election by bashing Eagleton, and when a financial planning meeting with their councilor reveals that Eagleton is close to bankruptcy, Leslie reacts to their request for aid by gloating unbecomingly. When a guilty Ben offers them financial advice, it causes a minor rift in their marriage. Meanwhile, Ron reacts to receiving junkmail at Diane’s house by trying to go off the grid with Donna and Tom’s help, and Ann takes April on a road trip to sign up for vet school.

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When Last We Were In Pawnee: Leslie faced the end of her first year as a councilwoman, and while she thinks she’s done a great job, a group of protesters ruined her moment by sabotaging a parade and demanding her recall. A mix-up with a pregnancy test led Andy to believe that April was pregnant, then led both Andy and Chris to believe that it was Ann…but the test turned out to belong to Ron’s girlfriend Diane. Meanwhile, Tom’s newly-opened store faced ruination when competition opened up across the street, forcing him to get into financial bed with Jean Ralphio and his sister.