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Pilots stalker

From the writer of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream and The Vampire Diaries, you’d expect his latest TV series to be suitably terrifying. In that respect, Stalker doesn’t disappoint.

Pilots selfie

“Being friended is not the same thing as having friends.”

That could easily serve as the de-facto slogan for Selfie, a Pygmalion remix that is so focused on making its heroine a vacuous, unbearable excuse for a human being that it forgets to actually make her worth watching in this first episode.

Pilots how-to-get-away

Viola Davis is the main reason to watch this new series!

It starts off with four students that have committed a murder talking about how exactly they are going to cover it up. Yes, I know, it does seem like it gave away the entire secret of the TV show, and it did, well until you get to the end.


Black-ish was controversial way before the premiere based on the title alone. Regardless of the intention, the title choice sparked fascinating conversations on the way black people talk about race and whether or not a comedy show was the format to discuss it in this racially charged period we’re currently experiencing.

Pilots Gotham

Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman was a game-changer. Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One was a game-changer. It brought Batman into an even darker realm. Even the animated series was fairly dark. Batman is one of the grittier of mainstream superheroes, and for that he’s always been my favourite.

Pilots Forever

The burden of immortality is well-trod ground in pop-culture. Forever’s twist on it is about as conventional as you can possibly imagine: what if an immortal person committed himself to studying death in all its forms, and then solved crimes.

Pilots Scorpion

Writing a genius is hard. It would be easy to say it takes a genius to write a genius, but really, it’s an incredibly different skill set. Creative geniuses and the type of geniuses that pop up on shows ostensibly bout the brilliant are very different beasts, who think, and operate, in very different ways and whose knowledge base is drastically divergent.