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At the halfway point of The Affair’s first season is a thrilling episode fraught with thunderous shouting matches and key pieces of information in the murder mystery. After last week’s narrow focus on Alison and Noah’s deepening physical and emotional connection, the show returns to the exploration of this expansive world full of explosive family and small town dynamics.

Television Affair 4

The titular affair is officially in progress! The writers have now demonstrated their willingness to be flexible with the dual perspective format of the show. It still starts out with Noah’s story first, but instead of rewinding back to the beginning of the day from Alison’s perspective, the action picks up from the same point, later retracing some of the events of the day from Alison’s perspective.

Television Affair 3

After two episodes of epic characterization and world-building, the incremental amount of new information received this week paled in comparison. Parsing out the details and delving deeper into the complex relationships was as fun as ever, but this wasn’t a particularly powerful or resonant episode.

Television Affair 2

In the second episode of the already extraordinary The Affair, we learn much more about the worlds Noah and Alison inhabit and their possible motivations for engaging in the affair and potential crimes. Their lives are much more intertwined on this tiny little island than they originally thought as evidenced by many interactions between their two families.

Television The Affair

After just one episode of The Affair I am completely enamored. Stylishly shot, wonderfully acted, bewilderingly complex – it’s like a dream for lovers of challenging television. It’s already so many things – an intensely intimate view of marriage, a devastating depiction of grief, a potential murder mystery, and a passionate adulterous affair.