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The Walking Dead, while having the honor of the highest rated cable TV show in history since its debut, has always had critics saying the show lacked emotional depth and character development. It has improved in recent seasons, most notably with The Governor. That has changed. The show left off its fourth season with Rick saying “They’re screwing with the wrong people.” Well, he certainly lived up to that promise in this explosive, emotional premiere.

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The finale of Season 4 of The Walking Dead brings more of the wanders together again; however, despite the tying up of many a loose end the episode was thoroughly underwhelming as a finale. The unrelenting march towards Terminus that has dominated series 4 culminated in the arrival of Glenn, Maggie and co. at the end of episode 15. Terminus definitely had a slightly creepy feel to it even then and so Rick and Michonne’s wary approach seems justified, but the portion of the episode given over to Terminus and it’s secrets was all too fleeting. The majority of “A” was given over to catching up with Rick, Michonne and Carl, and lamenting over the loss of the peaceful way of life they had at the prison.

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“The Grove” is perhaps one of the most disturbing episodes The Walking Dead has ever produced. After a run of entertaining but essential quite weak episodes, series 4 bursts back into life in episode 13. Last seen on the way to Terminus, Carol, Mika, Lizzie and Tyresse were the first of the group to find the mysterious signs but they very much faded into the background as focus switched to the other survivors. This week we see what they’re up to, and it seems like not much has happened in our absence. Still trudging along the tracks, but with no more signs to lead their way the group is moving on blind faith alone. The worrying signs of instability that Lizzie presented last time we saw her are still present, and appear to be taking over her personality.

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“Alone” is yet another filler episode; with our protagonists thrown into the zombie infested forests and train tracks the storylines have become increasingly disparate. While Episode 13 marks the beginning of our fearless travellers ending up on the same track (literally), there was really little other action to speak of.

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“Still”, focuses on two of the series’ most underdeveloped characters, Beth and Daryl. While we have gotten to know Daryl better and better over the last 2 seasons, his tendency to slip back into monosyllabic, hardman mode has limited the audience knowledge and understanding of his character. The first half of this episode Daryl is virtually silent, ignoring the grief stricken Beth as she goes in search of her first drink. As she ventures out into the forest Daryl follows, keeping her safe but not condoning her suicidal quest for alcohol.

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Once again we followed the separated inmates of the prison as they each attempted to survive in the harsh new environment in which they have been forced to live. “Claimed” focuses on the journey of the family Grimes and of Glen and Tara. While Rick Grimes and co. are happily creating a home for themselves in the nice suburb where we left them last week; Glen and Tara are on the road traveling with Sargent Abraham and his group.

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Episode 10 follows the disparate former inmates of the prison as they struggle to find their feet having been thrown back into the unforgiving wild. Split into four groups the episode spends a little time with each gang before circling back round to lead us on to the next set of trails and tribulations our hardy groups will have to face. Beth and Daryl are the first to be featured; told mostly through the voice over of Beth writing in her diary we find that while they escaped unharmed they have no idea as to who, if anyone, survived. While Daryl sinks back into his primal, monotone state Beth rallies him and gets him to use his tracking skills to try and find survivors.

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The final battle at the prison has left our group fractured and spread across the county, with half the group leaving in the bus the ones who stayed behind to defend their home to the end have been spread to the four winds. Hershel’s dead, baby Judith is lost and Rick and Carl Grimes have been once again thrown into a state of turmoil.