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When 56 Up made its debut on Netflix back in July, I recommended it heartily, particularly given that series’ other seven instalments were also available to instantly stream. It turns out, of course, that they may have not been; Netflix’s perplexing penchant for pulling content and putting it back some time later (constantly done with the James Bond films) was in full swing, but fret not! Seven Up! Through 49 Up are re-added this week, as well of course as the huge mountain of content covered below. It’s a diverse week indeed, and a very fine one too, with a handful of foreign delights that might just be among the year’s finest films.

NP Approved

Prisoners is the first in a long and seriously credible line of fall films for people who have graduated high school. There are no explosions, no fart jokes, no capes or superheroes. Well, no superheroes in the traditional sense. But there is a great deal of tension, of drama, of thrills and tears and grit and moments where you will often forget to breathe. Prisoners is a phenomenal thriller with a group of actors who I could watch stand in an elevator together for two hours. Lucky for us, though, they have some meaty roles to embody here, full of conflict and humanity, and a screenplay full of twists and turns that keep the momentum pushing forward.