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SXSW 2017 Win-It-All-Movie

With their third collaboration together, Joe Swanberg and Jake Johnson have solidified themselves as an incredibly lucrative and exciting creative. Their latest outing, Win It All, is electric and contagious fun that easily ranks among the best stuff Swanberg has ever done

Reviews my scientology movie

“Let me know that my problem is that I buy my own bullshit,” Marty Rathbun, a former high-level Scientologist, tells a young actor auditioning for the role of church head David Miscavage. Filmmaker Louis Theroux, claiming frustration over not being allowed to speak to Scientology officials for his documentary on the church, has called in…

Reviews Kedi

“Without the cat, Istanbul would lose part of its soul,” declares Kedi in its opening frames. Set in the ancient city of Istanbul, which people have shared with a vibrant and beloved community of street cats, Kedi dares to embrace optimism in a world overflowing with everything but. This documentary, director Ceyda Torun’s first…

NP Approved i am not your negro

“You’ve been beaten, and it’s been deliberate,” said author James Baldwin in a 1984 interview with The Paris Review, describing the desperation of living in America. “The whole society has decided to make you nothing. And they don’t even know they’re doing it.” Five years earlier in 1979, Baldwin…

Reviews the sunshine makers

“We thought LSD was going to change the world,” declares Nicholas Sand in The Sunshine Makers, Cosmo Feilding Mellen’s nostalgic documentary on LSD culture and manufacture in the 1960s. Sand, along with sometimes partner in crime Tim Scully, produced LSD by the literal truckload in the hopes of bringing about world piece, and were…

Reviews danny-says

Praised as the “mayor” of the early New York City punk scene, the legendary Danny Fields was one of the first of the so-called house hippies employed by record companies in the 1960s, young men who could live with the freaks by night, and by day explain their marketability to the suits back at the office. He spent the 1960s…

Reviews The Lost Arcade

Geared primarily toward an audience pre-sold on the premise, The Lost Arcade, the latest documentary from writer Irene Chin and director Kurt Vincent, seems unable, maybe unwilling, to explain much of anything about the gaming scene it holds so dear. With its singular focus on New York City’s last proper video game arcade, the…

Reviews Tickled

When New Zealand journalist David Farrier stumbled across a strange little sport known as Competitive Endurance Tickling, he thought he’d found the perfect topic for his pop-culture news segment. When he contacted the publicity department at Jane O’Brien Media about their hosted tickling events, however, he was…

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