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Any traditionally animated film released these days seems automatically to carry with it a sort of simplistic reverie rooted in our inherent nostalgia for its form. Since the 1995 release of Toy Story, the rise of digital animation to the foreground of cinema has marginalised the delights of the hand-crafted imperfection of the cartoon. Almost 20 years later, it seems that traditional animation is once more gathering a larger presence; consider Disney’s spellbinding The Princess and the Frog, the first new cartoon in five years from a company who once produced them annually. As the films nominated for the Best Animated Feature Oscar since its 2001 inception attest, however, the resurgence in traditional animation has been born mostly from foreign countries, whose digital output has been far less prominent; indeed, of the nine non-American nominees in the category’s history, all but one have been cartoons (interestingly, the exception was a stop-motion animation).