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Reviews the-birth-of-a-nation

The United States was founded on a lie. All men were not created equal, not under the Declaration of Independence, not under the Articles of Confederation, and not under the U.S. Constitution. Women were excluded. Native-Americans were excluded. African-Americans were excluded (except when they counted for…

SXSW 2016 i am the blues 1

At one point in Daniel Cross’ I Am the Blues one of the many musicians is casually reminiscing on what music has meant to him. Just as he wraps up his tale, he looks up at the camera and casually mumbles, “There’s always a story behind the song.” That one quote is probably the best summary of the entire…

IFFBoston 2015 61 bullets 1

The crime documentary has been something of a standby in pop culture for a long time. NBC’s Dateline is basically just a series of journalistically dense crime documentaries and the Investigation Discovery channel is a dispensary of fear as it recounts its multitude of violence-laced…

IFFBoston 2015 eden 1

The concept of a rave is remote and alien to me. The pulsing lights, the non-stop music, the glow sticks, the E, the dancing with reckless abandon. All I have when it comes to understanding a rave is cliché. This was not my culture. This is not my…

Reviews the barefoot artist

It seems that every time I come to review a documentary, I have the urge to expound on the virtues and potential great fortune of the medium. For like any genre of film, documentary has the ability to transcend mere entertainment. Regardless of whether its subject is biographical, historical, or political, it can permeate…

Film Festival inthecrosswind_1-1

Out of the glamour that can sometimes overwhelm film festivals, there are small films that can be overlooked. Martti Helde’s In The Crosswind (Risttuules) is a unique standout at TIFF this year. On June 14, 1941 thousands of people from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were deported by the Soviets to Siberia in a Stalin…

Reviews last days in vietnam

Any self-respecting cinephile has seen more than his fair share of Vietnam War movies. There are some truly great films in there, from Apocalypse Now to Platoon…

Film Festival dd_1-1

When Beat Street, a film about the early 80s hip hop culture is officially released in the cinemas of the socialist German Democratic Republic (Eastern Germany), breakdance is first introduced and inspires teenagers to pick up this new trend. This includes Frank (Gordon Kämmerer), his best friend Alex (Oliver Konietzny), the like-minded breakdancer Michel (Sebastian…

Film Festival THE-BETTER-ANGELS_Still_5

A.J. Edwards, the Texas born writer/director of The Better Angels, spent most of his career editing and working as second-unit director for Terrence Malick on films such as The New World, The Tree of Life, To the Wonder and the forthcoming Knight of Cups. With The Better Angels,Edwards graduates to the director’s chair and the …

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