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With over 300 features and shorts, 146 world premieres, and films from 70 countries, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at this year’s edition of the Toronto International Film Festival. To help sort it all out, we’ve asked four of our critics covering the event to give us their top five most anticipated films. It wasn’t easy, but here’s our list.

Film Festival

It’s little surprise that a director as pointedly versatile as Kiyoshi Kurosawa should come to turn his attention to science fiction, that most challenging of genres to convincingly stage without any prior experience. Renowned for horror, regarded for thrills, and revered for his deservedly well-received foray into family drama with his last effort, Tokyo Sonata, Kurosawa turns his gaze to the future with the aptly-titled existential romance Real. His conceit is minimal, but pivotal: the new technology of “sensing” allows one closely-connected consciousness to enter another, an opportunity exploited by the young Koichi when his manga artist girlfriend Atsumi attempts suicide and lands herself in a long-lasting coma; the abstraction here is essential, based as it is in the essence of human emotion about which the film revolves.