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Reviews the big sick

The romantic comedy genre has been around since the beginning of time. Ranging from the classic films of Charlie Chaplin, to the many Nancy Meyers films, the genre has definitely grown to something new over the past few years. Whereas the early 2000’s were the age of high-budget romantic comedies that starred high…

Reviews the promise

The “promise” in The Promise, an unengaging, dull Doctor Zhivago meets Titanic retread starring Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale, and Charlotte Le Bon as the three sides of an uninteresting romantic triangle set against the Armenian genocide perpetuated by the collapsing Ottoman Empire during the First World War, isn’t a promise…

Reviews beauty and the beast

Through the support of director Bill Condon and a magnificent cast, the live action remake of the 1991 Disney classic Beauty and the Beast is deserving of recognition, though it doesn’t particularly add anything new to the film. Filled with great performances, and a story everyone knows and loves, Condon plays it safe, deviating little…

SXSW 2017 Song to Song_1

When it comes to Terrence Malick there are those that love his work and then there are those that don’t really get it. Admittedly, I firmly fall into the latter camp. For those people that seek out Malick’s work, that gobble up his special brand…

SXSW 2016 loev 1

When I moved to Boston for college I remember hearing about a weird law that precluded more than four women from sharing the same residence. The story went that as soon as a house hit that magic female number it was deemed a brothel. It was something that people laughed about. What an absurd and antiquated…

NP Approved Wings of Desire

Wings of Desire starts with a man jotting down the story of a universal child who didn’t know it was a child. Titles come up as if they were scratched up on a blackboard. An eye looks up into the sky and the camera fades into a slowly moving aerial shot from above the tenements of Berlin. An angel with fading wings…

Reviews crimsonpeak_1-1

There are a few constants in Guillermo del Toro films: beautiful set and costume designs, stunning cinematography and colorful characters. There is no denying that the set and costume design in Crimson Peak is breath-taking but unfortunately those are the high points that come from this film. Good news for those that love a good costume drama, bad…

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