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BUFF 2015 magnetic 1

A few years back on a trip to Disney World I remember sitting down for the Michael Jackson 3D film Captain EO. The strange mixture of space opera, muppets, and music all under the confused direction of Francis Ford Coppola reminded me of Jackson’s penchant for lengthy music…

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Hard To Be A God doesn’t really care about the traditional audience. It is a hard film. To the viewer with normal patience, it does not contain a cogent plot or coherent dialogue, it is frequently distressing, and almost always disgusting to look at. However, to ignore it, would be to miss out on one of the most unique films ever made.

BUFF 2015 boston underground film festival

There was a time when any talk of film festivals began and ended with Sundance. It was a time when Kevin Smith was still heavily in debt because of Clerks, Richard Linklater was just starting to contemplate the truths of life, and the thought of retirement wasn’t anywhere near Steven Soderbergh. As Sundance has continued to age, its relevancy…

Reviews ejecta_2014_1

No movie that includes an accreditation for “taxidermy wrangler” has the right to be anything near as interminably unexciting as is Ejecta, whose implementation of that original credit is the sole shred of intrigue it manages to awaken. This—that resume-topping title…

Reviews Jupiter-Ascending-Review

There’s something about The Wachowski’s films that I’ve never liked. After coming home after a late screening of their most recent bloated sci-fi epic Jupiter Ascending, I put on The Matrix just to try and remind myself what I don’t like about their pictures. I’ve never been a huge fan of The Matrix or its sequels (at …

Reviews Darkman-1990-review-cineplex

A cult favorite and often described as being ahead of its time, Sam Raimi’s Darkman was a surprise hit at the box office in the late summer of 1990. As a follow up to Evil Dead II (1987), Raimi wanted to helm a film based on the radio classic “The Shadow,” but when the rights proved elusive, he created his own dark anti-hero, an amalgam of old-time …

Reviews Alien-Outpost-Review

It is only the slightest of coincidences (and if one were to be honest a smidgen of procrastination on behalf of the writer) that I would experience Game of Thrones on an IMAX screen the same day I sat down to view my screener of Alien Outpost. The common link between these two artistic endeavors is Jabbar Raisani, most known for his visual …

Reviews predestination1

“Luck is the residue of design,” proffers Predestination enigmatically in one of the many lines of dialogue that betray this as a movie with neither to its credit. Playing out like a slapdash Frankenstein’s monster of hokey time travel twists and sci-fi set design, this…

Trailers Terminator Genisys

Teases upon teases have been heaped onto us regarding this new Terminator film. Talk of Arnold returning in some strange capacity, a slew of promotional images that appear to have been taken on the set of the new Mad Max movie, and then yesterday’s teaser for the trailer that graces us…

Reviews f0575dcc9e572f929c7146fd78c13d79

There is a conundrum when considering Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs, his 1987 spoof of the sci-fi genre obliquely and Star Wars specifically. The conundrum is that the movie is so shoddily put together that it’s almost painful to watch yet it’s still so funny. Brooks said on the movie that he took off his artistic glasses and threw …

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