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Reviews Earth vs the Flying Saucers

With a railroad plot and the kind of emotionless acting that bad 1950s movies are known for, one wouldn’t expect much from Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956), a tiny little B-movie “weirdie,” as Variety called science fiction films at the time. Thanks to the stellar visuals from legendary special effects master Ray Harryhausen, however…

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Some say that characterization is lost in a film that is primarily action. While that may be true most of the time, it is not true in George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road. Miller, continuing his Mad Max series which he began in 1979, provides something that is rather unique here: an action film that throws the audience into a unique…

Reviews turbo kid 1

For a long time I’ve been sitting on the sidelines confused by this resurgence of faux nostalgia driven filmmaking. We’re not talking homages to inspirational films of yesterday but flat out repurposing of a spirit of…

Film Festival a space program

Count this as my favorite discovery at SXSW. A Space Program will polarize audiences. In fact, many people walked out during the World Premiere screening. The mockumentary/performance piece is sci-fi by way of Wes Anderson. Writers and directors Van Neistat and Tom Sachs constructed the basics required for space travel: space shuttle, space suits…

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Tomorrowland is one of those movies that clings so tightly to the thin line between “good” and “meh” that it’s difficult to review, because each opinion is hedged with another. There is plenty of good and nothing explicitly “bad,” but none of it goes anywhere, so the audience just sits and waits for 130 minutes. And how am I supposed to review the act of sitting and waiting? As Roger Ebert once wrote …

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Yorgos Lanthimos returns to the Croisette after winning the Un Certain Regard prize for his bizarre feature Dogtooth back in 2009. This year the Greek director moves up in the ranks of the festival by competing for the Palme d’Or with his star-studded English-language dystopian love story The Lobster that can also ironically be described as a satire of our…

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We meet Max (Tom Hardy) in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world. He is an emotionally broken man, wandering the vast desert landscape alone, haunted by sharp and painful flashbacks. We are given no time to ease comfortably into the film before it launches into a stunning, fast-paced opening sequence, with interspersed flashbacks and imagery sometimes reminiscent of a feverish nightmare, where Max is …

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The key to any comic book movie’s success is its characters, and nobody seems to know this better than Joss Whedon. One of only three people to have a sole writing credit for an MCU film and the only one to do so for two films, Whedon has not only written a sequel that runs laps around the original in terms of action and scale, but it also raises the stakes in ways that very incredibly real and dramatic.

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Gauging the strength of a film involves many factors that depend greatly on the type of film you’re watching. Does it entertain? Is it thought provoking? Does it engage you? Do you have a difficult time suspending disbelief? Is it timeless? The list goes on, and for sci-fi films, cinema lovers tend to be tougher on these films. Other ideas that factor in the enjoyment of a sci-fi film: Is it Original? Is it scientifically accurate? (Queue the 100 things wrong with …..

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