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There are directors who convey their stylistic vision to the screen with such single-mindedness that as a viewer you are almost predisposed to like or dislike the finished film prior to actually experiencing it; the key element being experience. Terry Gilliam is one such filmmaker, a creative force of such striking aesthetic …

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It was all the way back in 2010 when a pre-Godzilla Gareth Edwards brought us his vision of a world being overtaken by giant creatures in Monsters. The film was a bit of a feat of special effects, using…

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A different perspective on futuristic dystopias is the view of the utopia without limitation. What does society do when faced with freedom without restriction? The Oculus Rift has already made it possible to experience virtual reality in an entirely new way. Technology has afforded us promise to rebuild reality, one that is limitless in its use and format.

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Luc Besson’s career post-The Fifth Element has focused primarily on writing and producing – mostly low- or middle-budget action-thrillers, some, of course, for aging actors with diminishing box-office clout – leaving directing duties to one of his many protégés. Besson’s occasional forays into directing, however, have been drab …

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Sequels often by their very definition have the unenviable task of bearing the weight of expectations of their predecessors and also a certain baggage of pre-conceived notions along with it. Innocence, the follow-up to the 1995 animated cyberpunk classic, Ghost in the Shell is less of a direct sequel and closer to a stand-alone film of its’ …

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I Origins is not smart; it’s contrived in such a way to make you think it is. Mike Cahill, director of Another Earth, comes back with a story about a molecular biologist named Ian (Michael Pitt) studying…

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Dawn of The Planet of The Apes is not only a sequel that enhances and improves upon the origin story from 2011, it is one of the best films of 2014. That seems silly to say about a film revolving around CGI Simians and their fight against desperate humans, and it very well could have been that way. That is the magic of the film, the way it …

Reviews dawn of the planet of the apes

It’s virtually impossible to leave Dawn of the Planet of the Apes worried about the survival of mankind. This observation isn’t as much a criticism of Matt Reeves’ blockbuster film as it is high praise for creating a world…

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Found footage films have become sort of their own cliché when trying to lend authenticity to something inauthentic. The Blair Witch Project did it first, famously, and best and was subsequently followed by the 4 (or 5 or 6) Paranormal Activity films, Cloverfield, Project X, and countless others (although Cloverfield is really good). Now comes…

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