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Reviews valerian

You can’t argue with Luc Besson. The man knows how to spend upwards of $200 million – $209 million by one report, $225 million by another – on his latest, soon-to-be-but-maybe-not-debacle, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Besson’s big-screen adaptation of Pierre Christin Jean-Claude Mézières’…

Reviews robocop

RoboCop, a dark political and cultural satire and director Paul Verhoeven’s first American film, was released in the middle of a summer no one knew was a harbinger of things to come. Filled with arid, empty urban landscapes covered in dust and rust and decay, the disintegrating Detroit of the film, thirty years on, less…

Reviews wonder woman

The Holy Trinity. No, not the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit of Christianity, but Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, DC Comics’ oldest, most iconic superheroes. DC’s Holy Trinity debuted over a comics-redefining four-year span, Superman in 1938, Batman in 1939, and Wonder Woman two years later, but while…

NP Approved alien covenant

Five years ago, as I walked out of Prometheus, my imagination was ablaze with the possible trajectories the sequel would go as David and Elizabeth’s journey to their creators continued. That film, while certainly dreary, had a streak of optimism in discovery that high school Austin expected to continue. I was totally unprepared…

Reviews alien covenan

In the era of franchise filmmaking and shared universes, the end is never really the end. It’s a new beginning, a new beginning involving prequels, sequels to the prequels, spin-offs, and after a franchise has run aground on the infertile shores of creative bankruptcy, an inevitable reboot to restart the cycle all over again. We haven’t…

Reviews bokeh

The concept behind Bokeh is interesting enough. A young couple sets out to see the world and heads to Iceland to take in its beauty. Something happens (Northern Lights go bonkers?) and…

Reviews Life

If we’ve learned anything – anything at all – from Jurassic Park I-III, Jurassic World, and no doubt, the forthcoming sequel, Jurassic World II, it’s this simple message: Life always finds a way and by way, we mean, mess with Mother Nature – or in the case of Life: The Movie, a science-fiction/horror film directed by Daniel…

Reviews passengers

In space no one can hear you scream, but in Passengers, the latest big-budget space romance to grace multiplexes this holiday weekend, no one can hear you scream because you’re either in hibernation and thus in deep REM sleep or awake, wandering the corridors of a massive, fully automated spaceship, alone with only a…

NP Approved arrival

There’s a moment in Arrival – Denis Villeneuve’s (Sicario, Enemy Prisoners, Incendies) latest film about the potentially devastating consequences of first contact with an alien species – where the central character, Louis Banks (Amy Adams), a linguistics professor, and Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner), a theoretical physicist, venture…

Reviews Morgan

In a key scene in Morgan, director Luke Scott’s feature-length debut, a psychologist, Dr. Alan Shapiro (Paul Giamatti), interviews the title character, Morgan (Anna Taylor-Joy), quite possibly the first of her kind, a synthetic human, created in an experimental, corporate-owned laboratory by researchers in the literal middle of…

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