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Reviews Song to Song

There might be something to that quitting while you’re ahead thing. An auteur’s auteur, Terence Malick crafted an indelible, unimpeachable reputation as a visionary filmmaker with just two films, Badlands (1972) and Days of Heaven (1978), both made in the 1970s. For the better part of two decades, rumors swirled around new projects…

Reviews Life

If we’ve learned anything – anything at all – from Jurassic Park I-III, Jurassic World, and no doubt, the forthcoming sequel, Jurassic World II, it’s this simple message: Life always finds a way and by way, we mean, mess with Mother Nature – or in the case of Life: The Movie, a science-fiction/horror film directed by Daniel…

Reviews beauty and the beast

Through the support of director Bill Condon and a magnificent cast, the live action remake of the 1991 Disney classic Beauty and the Beast is deserving of recognition, though it doesn’t particularly add anything new to the film. Filled with great performances, and a story everyone knows and loves, Condon plays it safe, deviating little…

SXSW 2017 small town crime

John Hawkes is one of those familiar faces, so often popping up in a supporting role, like in Winter’s Bone or Martha Marcy May Marlene, and regardless of the amount of screen time he is granted, absolutely slays. He’s the kind of actor that…

SXSW 2017 The Honor Farm_1

We, the audience, have an agreement in place with filmmakers when it comes to thrillers, horrors, and the like: we’ll take your build up, if you deliver a payoff. We are content to sit in mystery, to have plot points and little beats piled on top of us, because deep down…

SXSW 2017 Song to Song_1

When it comes to Terrence Malick there are those that love his work and then there are those that don’t really get it. Admittedly, I firmly fall into the latter camp. For those people that seek out Malick’s work, that gobble up his special brand…

Reviews my scientology movie

“Let me know that my problem is that I buy my own bullshit,” Marty Rathbun, a former high-level Scientologist, tells a young actor auditioning for the role of church head David Miscavage. Filmmaker Louis Theroux, claiming frustration over not being allowed to speak to Scientology officials for his documentary on the church, has called in…

NP Approved logan

All art is political, even superhero art. And there’s little doubt that Logan, the second collaboration between writer-director James Mangold (The Wolverine, 3:10 to Yuma, Night & Day, Cop Land) and star Hugh Jackman, qualifies as art, as superhero art, and as political art. Set in a possible future for the X-Men universe – both a…

Reviews Get Out

Jean-Paul Sartre was wrong. Hell isn’t other people. Hell is white people, specifically white faux-liberals, in Jordan Peele’s (Keanu, Key & Peele) writing-directing feature-length debut, Get Out, a horror-comedy mash-up of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?, The Stepford Wives, and The Puppet Masters that ruthlessly satirizes the misguided…

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