Clip of the Day: “Occupying” Ferris Beuller Stlye


With all these “occupying” on major cities these days, here’s a film about a teen who plays hooky and manages to literally occupy Chicago for a day. In this John Hugh’s classic that brought us Matthew Broderick playing the title character Ferris Beuller, this was one of the most iconic teen characters, as in one day manages to do what most cannot do in their entire teenage years. This film not only brought us that cool kid from high school that we idolized, but the meaning of Life - By not stopping once in a while, we could miss it.

Arjun Sehgal

50% Human, 50% Dreamer, 100% Film Buff. I always found that one of the greatest pleasures in life has and always will be in front of the silver screen. Cinema was always the gateway to exploring the world around me. As good movies are common, great movies are rare, but the films that live your memories are what make life plausible.