Submit Your: Top Ten Action Heroes


With Underworld: Awakening and Haywire opening wide and Miss Bala in limited release this week, it appears to be a heyday for women in action films. Since earlier decades when Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, and heroines from Hong Kong were the most take-charge women available, the action film has expanded its range. Modern high-octane genre films aren’t limited to just Hollywood, China, and Japan anymore; Thailand and France, to name only a couple of countries, have pumped out thrilling movies recently. At the center of the action maelstrom is typically an action hero(ine), amalgam of a star performer and countless stunt people and choreographers, and the subject of this week’s Top Ten Tuesday. Let us know your favorites characters who kick ass.

Adam Kuntavanish

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  • Tony Liccardello

    Hmm.. Off the top…

    Indiana Jones - Harrison FordJack Bauer - Keifer Sutherland
    Ethan Hunt - Tom Cruise
    Jason Bourne - Matt Damon
    Nikita - Anne Parillaud 
    James Bond - Sean Connery
    Arnold Schwarznegger - The Terminator 
    Maverick - Tom Cruise
    The Bride - Uma Thurman
    Batman - Christian Bale
    John McClane - Die Hard 
    Wong Fei Ung - Jacki Chan
    Robert Downey Jr - Iron Man 
    Harrison Ford - Hans Solo 
    Cameron Poe - Nicholas Cage 
    Clarence Worley - Christian Slater
    Dr. Richard Kimble - Harrison Ford 
    Leon - Jean Reno 
    Shaft - Richard Roundtree 
    The Cooler King - Steve McQueen 
    Jack Sparrow- Johnny Depp 

    I’m missing a good deal too.