TV Recap: Revenge Season 2 - Episode 19 - ‘Identity’

By Caleb Woods

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After returning from hiatus, Revenge comes back with a vengeance. “Identity” was a very intense episode. There were many story arcs going on – Victoria’s flashback and her first born son, the identity of the Falcon, the love triangle between Emily, Aiden, and Daniel, Charlotte’s unraveling, and the thirst for revenge from Jack and Ashley.

I’ve still not forgiven Daniel from his earlier acts this season. Clearly, he’s not good for Emily. I’m totally on team Aiden. IF I were Aiden, I’m not sure how I’d feel about Emily hooking up with Daniel. And what exactly happened with Emily being pregnant? IS she really? It wasn’t mentioned in this episode at all. Maybe I’m a little rusty since every show on ABC takes 6-week long hiatuses.

The Nolan vs. Falcon encounter was great. I was NOT expecting a young girl to be the Falcon. I wasn’t sure if Padma was indeed dead, but we get confirmation in this episode when Nolan describes his time in questioning. Apparently they showed him pictures of her body. Could she possibly be still alive? Maybe, but not likely. Throughout the episode, there are several instances with characters using a cell phone camera to stalk and exploit people. If I were there, I would definitely pay more attention to my surroundings and be more careful.

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Conrad has several good quotes in this episode. I loved his quotes to Victoria – “Before you turn me to stone…” and “I’ll leave you to your demons.” The dynamic between Conrad and Victoria is one of the many great relationships in the show. Also, I like the idea of Ashley being a mole. I’ve always though that Ashley has her own intentions instead of basically being a maid for the Graysons.

One of my favorite moments is when Jack gives Emily a “go to hell” look after she practically accepts Daniel’s proposal. With the look he gives here, it almost puts the nail in the coffin for them ever being together. Frankly, it would be too weird for them to be together at this point after what happened to Amanda. Even for the story, it would probably seem forced and unreal. After seeing Jack and Ashley work so well together, I’d almost like to see what would happen with them if they became a couple.

One of the final scenes is Victoria going to see Nolan. She reinstates his name for the sole ownership of NolCorp – but for a price. She wants him to help her find her son that she abandoned all those years ago. I’d LOVE to see them interact more together. I almost felt sorry for Victoria in the final scene. She’s definitely a “good/bad” guy who can play both roles well. Also, I loved the scene where the looked into the camera and said, “The story is true” and walked off. The score to this scene was perfect. The whole episode even had a creepy vibe to it.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. The acting continues to be superb. The developments of characters continue to be realistic. Although the beginning of season 2 wasn’t as great as season 1, hopefully the remainder of this season has a strong finish. I’m looking forward to the remaining episodes this season.


  • * Will Charlotte go down a destructive path again? What will Declan think?
  • * Will Jack ever become close to Emily again?
  • * Will Emily develop real feelings for Daniel? Is her relationship with Aiden strong enough to withstand this?
  • * Will Nolan help Victoria?
  • * Will Mr. Takeda force Aiden to return to Japan?
  • * When will we find out who Victoria’s son is? Is it someone we know?

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