That Demon Within Trailer

By Next Projection

That Demon Within (2014)

That Demon Within follows a Reclusive cop who unwittingly saves the life of criminal gang leader by donating his blood, thus symbolizing that despite diametrically opposed outer appearances they are essentially made of the same stuff. The gang members hide their faces behind traditional demon masks when committing their violent crimes. In schizophrenic fits Dave experiences his own demons within as he sets out to play off the gang members against each other, resulting in everyone’s annihilation. The film stars starring Daniel Wu and Nick Cheung. That Demon Within is directed by Dante Lam (The Beast and The Viral Factor). Opening April 18th at the Rainbow Cinemas Elgin Mills & Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas  (& select theatres throughout the U.S./Canada).


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