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Next Projection is a Toronto based organization that attempts to bring the best of today’s and yesterday’s films to fans of movies around the world while in the process stimulating a thought-provoking discussion of cinema through our film reviews, daily blog, and soon with our own film festival.

PhotobucketChristopher Misch, President & Editor-In-Chief

I’ve always loved movies, but it wasn’t until under the tutelage of Professor Garry Leonard at the University of Toronto that my passion for the industry became an understanding of an art form. With a specific fascination in both the western genre and Asian cinema in general, I am of the view that good movies are either enlightening or entertaining, and if you are truly lucky they are both.

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PhotobucketGuido Pellegrini, Buenos Aires-based Contributor

I might look like a cinephile, sound like a cinephile, and watch films like a cinephile, but I’m not sure that I am, in fact, a cinephile. I like to think of myself as some sort of itinerant (and probably lost) traveler who has chosen film as his preferred medium of imaginative flight, and who has in turn chosen imaginative flight as his preferred method of thinking.

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Julian Carrington, Toronto-based Contributor

A graduate of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law, I haven’t let my regrettable decision to drop Cinema Studies 101 deter me from becoming a pretentious, know-it-all film snob.

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Arianne Tong, Toronto-based Contributor

I consider great film as visual poetry: a story told, not only by words and dialogue, but also through a deliberate and dynamic visual language. I appreciate all kinds of film, but take particular interest in dystopian visions, and science fiction narratives. I am always thrilled to see when directors can unconventionally and successfully communicate themes and abstractions through the physical form – that is what I consider to be the art of film.

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PhotobucketMatthew Blevins, United States-based Contributor

Behind me you see the empty bookshelves that my obsession with film has caused. Film teaches me most of the important concepts of life, such as cynicism, beauty, ugliness, subversion of societal norms, and what it is to be a tortured member of humanity. My passion for the medium is an important part of who I am as I stumble through existence in a desperate and frantic search for objective truths.

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Ty Landis, United States-based Contributor

I’ve been a film enthusiast ever since I was a little kid. I find that my tastes are consistently expanding and changing. Cinema is a lot like life in the way that we learn and adapt to it. It is my hobby, and my ultimate passion.

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Ronan Doyle, Ireland-based Contributor

Having spent the vast majority of my life sharing in the all too prevalent belief than cinema is merely dumbed-down weekend escapism for the masses, I was lucky enough to turn on a television at the exact right moment to have my perspectives on the medium completely transformed. Those first two and a half hours marked the beginning of a new life revolving around—maybe even depending upon—the screen and the depth of artistry, intellectual stimulation, and emotional exhilaration it can provide.

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I am a graduating student of Chemical Engineering in University of the Philippines-Diliman. When I am not mixing solutions and discovering new chemicals, I spend my time mixing words to describe films I discovered and wanted to share to the world. I constantly dream and strive for a Philippines that does not only foster new filmmaking talents but also new voices in film criticism.

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