Comic Book Movie Milestones

by Umar Shameem

When approached by a close friend who ask,‘What are the milestones for the comic book movies?’, I was immediately intrigued and at the same time worried that I'd mistakenly leave one out. After a fruitful discussion, and some additional...

My Harry Potter Experience

by Christopher Misch

Up until about a month ago, I hadn't watched a single Harry Potter film; let alone taken the time to read any of J. K. Rowling's popular novels. I had even given thought to watching the franchise's concluding...

Five Films to Look Forward to at TIFF

by Christopher Misch

With the first 50+ screenings announced for the 36th Annual Toronto International Film Festival, we highlight the five films we're looking forward to the most.

Top 10 performances from the films of Terrence Malick

by Ty Landis

10. Linda Manz, "Days of Heaven" (1978) We're guided through Malick's second feature by a young narrator named Linda, sister to an opportunist named Bill, played by Richard Gere. Manz comes in as the first entry on this list...

Worst Films Of The Year So Far

by Christopher Misch

5. I Am Number Four While the original score composed for the film leaves much to be desired, the film’s music selection of popular tracks from The Kings of Leon, XX, and Adele were an effective touch and...

Best Westerns of the 21st Century

by Christopher Misch

4. The Good The Bad The Weird Dubbed a Kimchi Western, the first of its kind, based on the famous Korean dish whereby associating itself with the Spaghetti Westerns of old, The Good The Bad The Weird takes...

Blog: The Films of Claire Denis

by Ty Landis

Minor Denis is better than most, but I Can't Sleep feels like an incomplete film. It tackles the real-life "Granny Killer," a serial killer who terrorized Paris during the late 1980s. Small segments of the film can be interesting,...

Blog: The Best of Hot Docs

by Julian Carrington

Often overshadowed by its flashier, fiction-friendly cousin, Hot Docs remains something of a hidden gem for Toronto cinemagoers, despite its stature as North America’s largest documentary film festival. Most assuredly, though, whatever it lacks in TIFF’s style and star...

Blog: The 3 Best Films of the Year So Far

by Christopher Misch

1. Hanna In the past, Joe Wright has admitted that he enjoys ‘showing off’ with the camera, and in response several of his critics have accused his more spectacular sequences of being exactly just that; with specific reference here...

R.I.P. Tim Hetherington

by Christopher Misch

By mid-day today, the sad news was confirmed that renowned photojournalist and Academy Award Nominee for the film Restrepo, Tim Hetherington was killed in the war-revagaged Libyan city of Misrata. In his final tweet he wrote: “In besieged Libyan...

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