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Television Americans 1983-2

The Americans has always been a show that renders the scope of history in deeply personal brushstrokes. It’s the Cold War as American marriage, foreign policy as a matter of leverage, global geopolitics conducted in close quarters, where secrets leak and a knife can slide in before you even notice.

Television Americans Walter

The Americans is in the middle of the kind of season you write home about, the sort of consistently excellent, thematically rich, deeply compelling run of episodes that makes a great series one of the absolute best things on television.

Television Americans Pass

For all of its serialized tension and intricate character work, The Americans frequently enjoys reveling in the procedural. I don’t mean this in the sense that the show does a lot of one-and-done episodes (it doesn’t), but simply that this is a series that takes great joy in depicting the process of espionage on a frequently granular level.

Television Americans Dimebag

So much of The Americans happens in the back of its characters minds. So much of this show is buried behind layers of scheming and obfuscation that when the truth begins to reveal itself, viewers are trained to remain unsure of whether they should trust it.

Television Americans House

The relationship between Philip and Elizabeth is hard won. It didn’t come from natural chemistry, and it didn’t really come from them being forced on each other. They didn’t fall in love because they spent decades together; they fell in love because they started to communicate, started to understand each other and to want to understand each other.

Television Americans Baggage

In life, things pile up. Issues get punted down the line, small grievances fester, the metric weight of being hurt by the world begins to weigh you down. The good things about your life, the small instances of kindness or the miraculous moments of triumph, can accumulate as well. Yet rarely do those feel as vast, complex, and ever-present as the little indignities and tiny cuts we all endure throughout our lives.

Television The Americans Echo

It is a tenant of the American Dream that every parent wants better for their children than they have had, wants to improve the lives of their offspring as much as they can. This isn’t an exclusively American idea (I’d venture everyone whose ever had a child wants the same), but it is an explicitly American one. It is part of the core …

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