Trailer: Another Earth

by Christopher Misch

On the night of the discovery of a duplicate planet in the solar system, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic accident.

Christopher Misch

I've always loved movies, but it wasn't until under the tutelage of Professor Garry Leonard at the University of Toronto that my passion for the industry became an understanding of an art form. With a specific fascination in both the western genre and Asian cinema in general, I am of the view that good movies are either enlightening or entertaining, and if you are truly lucky they are both.
  • Dylan Lindley

    Interesting premise. Seems like something that could have been silly on paper, but actually done right, and original. Pretty good trailer.

  • Deepayan

    I feel like the premise of this film might hurt it; the drama aspect will turn the science fiction fans away, and the science fiction aspect will turn the drama fans away. I don’t know how much crossover there is between the fans of the two genres.

  • Christopher Misch

    I think there is that in-between fanbase. Another Earth looks like it would appeal to those who enjoyed Gattaca. So in another words, folk like me.

  • Christopher Misch

    The premise to Another World does seem silly on paper, but I have to say that trailer grabbed m attention. Had that song on repeat ever since (

  • Deepayan

    Oh yeah, there’s definitely a crowd for these (and I’m in there too); last year’s Never Let Me Go also comes to mind, and of course Contact was pretty much focused on the humans. I just don’t know if the crowd’s big enough to counter the potential negative WOM that might result from crowds going in expecting one or the other, and not both. Of course, I am basing this partially on the Youtube comments, which isn’t exactly a barometer for intelligence in any field. And, of course, there’s the argument that as long as the film’s good, who cares what people say (and if a film’s good, it can overcome these obstacles).

  • Christopher Misch

    Did you just put #NeverLetMeGo in the same category as #Gattaca and #Contact? I am not amused. I’m sure you are referring here to the sci-fi/drama elements of the films and not necessarily the quality, am I right?

    And you’re right, as long as a film has good word of mouth, people will come.

  • Deepayan

    Oh yeah, definitely the elements, not quality. Contact’s in my all time top 10, and though I haven’t seen it, the reviews I’ve heard and read of Never Let Me Go have been tepid at best, so I’d never put the two in the same quality quadrant as it stands.

  • Christopher Misch

    Never Let Me Go was putrid. I have to be honest, I haven’t watched Contact is ages.

  • Vakeesh Velummylum

    Good call Chris, this definitely is something I would want to check out! I’m actually looking forward to it!

  • blake

    Going to see this on Sunday, totally excited. Hadn’t seen a trailer for it yet, though. Thanks.

  • Christopher Misch

    Well be sure to share your thoughts on it when you do! The trailer is really well done.

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