Clip: Christopher Nolan & David Fincher on Malick

by Next Projection

Acclaimed filmmakers Christopher Nolan and David Fincher weigh in on the work of Terrence Malick, and discuss what separates him from everyone else.

  • Christopher Beaubien

    What terrific commentary from a couple of the industry’s most singular and deliberate of filmmakers. How inspired it is to have working professionals with the passion to speak up for a film director who’d prefer not to explain himself inside the publicity machine. Everything Malick wanted to say is in his film.

    It’s true how inseparable the visuals and narratives are in Malick’s work. You can’t think about what happened in either “Days of Heaven” (1978) and “The Tree of Life” (2011) without vividly seeing flashes of their moving images from your memory bank. That is the function of an accomplished artist.

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