Clip of the Day: Blader Runner, Tears in the Rain


Based on Philip K Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, Blade Runner depicts a futuristic Los Angeles with a blend of Hong Kong on a gloomy day. This was the first of many stories from the American science fiction novelist that would eventually find there way to the big screen (Total Recall, Minority Report, Scanner Darkly just to name a few). With impressive effects that continue to hold their own even today and an unforgettable score from Vangelis, Blade Runner (along with Alien) solidified Ridley Scott as a force to be reckon with in Hollywood. Though the film’s main star and protagonist is Harrison Ford, it is Rutger Hauer as the antagonist Roy Batty (his best onscreen character to date) who steals the show. Today’s Clip of the Day, is the iconic scene from the ending of the film where Ford and Hauer square off and Hauer’s tears get lost in the rain.

Arjun Sehgal

50% Human, 50% Dreamer, 100% Film Buff. I always found that one of the greatest pleasures in life has and always will be in front of the silver screen. Cinema was always the gateway to exploring the world around me. As good movies are common, great movies are rare, but the films that live your memories are what make life plausible.