Clip of the Day: Greenberg, ‘Life is Wasted on….People’.


In honor of this weekend’s other big release Tower Heist, today’s clip comes from one of Ben Stiller’s finest moments and one of my Honorable Mentions from last year, Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg. I was never that big a fan of Baumbach’s to begin with. The Squid and the Whale didn’t do anything for me and Margot at the Wedding less so. But Greenberg I found to be his most enjoyable work so far, as well as a great reminder to film geeks how great Ben Stiller can get. I understandable how some people could walk away from the film hating it and the character, since the title character is a misanthropic black hole. But as this scene demonstrates, Stiller find’s a way to bring out a tiny bit of comedic likability within a character that in real life we wouldn’t want anything to do with. As long as he keeps doing stuff like this, Tropic Thunder and The Ben Stiller Show once in a while, he can do as many Tower Heist‘s or Night at the Museum‘s as he wants. But no more Focker’s, please.

Luke Annand

Film geek, podcaster and newly minted IATSE member from Regina, Saskatchewan. I met Don McKellar once, and he told me that Quentin Tarantino is exactly like me.