Author Luke Annand

Film geek, podcaster and newly minted IATSE member from Regina, Saskatchewan. I met Don McKellar once, and he told me that Quentin Tarantino is exactly like me.

Television Rick

Trying to describe the insanity of Rick and Morty is nearly an impossible task. Created by Justin Roiland alongside Dan Harmon during his year in the wilderness that was season 4 of Community, imagine if Doc Brown was a drunk intergalactic war criminal who only has the tiniest flicker of a conscience, Marty was his awkward teenage grandson who constantly gets dragged into dangerous missions across the cosmos and multiple dimensions alongside his older sister and constantly fighting parents.

Television Fargo Bed

Our final reference in the episode title for this incredible second season of Fargo is not for a literary work, but a literary term. It is a word, phrase, number or series of characters that is spelled out exactly the same forward and backward.

Television Fargo Book

This week’s episode reference takes us back to one of our favorite authors for this season, Franz Kafka. “The Castle” was Kafka’s last book that he ever wrote. In fact, it was unfinished at the time of his death and there has been debate over whether he meant for his friend Max Brod to complete it or destroy it.

Television Fargo Dunst

Like last week’s episode, this week’s episode title is a break from the normal convention of references to literary titles based off of famous works of philosophy, existentialism or absurdism. “Loplop” is in fact a reference to a character created by artist Max Ernst as an alter ego for him that functioned as a familiar animal who also acted as narrator and commentator in two of his collage novels.

Television ZoidJesus

Today we return to one of my all time favorite shows whose 1st Christmas episode we covered last year with its follow up Christmas episode “A Tale of Two Santas”. While it may not have achieved the iconic status of its predecessor, the episode is still a very funny anti-Christmas episode that showcased the series dark sci-fi humor, unique identity and eagerness to bite the hand that feeds it.

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