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Marvel Studios has done a great work in attracting movie fans with their brilliant work and cinematic affects. Creativity in developing consumable content has made it easier for its fans to get along with their imaginative ideas. However, to overcome with expected competition in cinematic universe, Marvel Studios have ideas like short films, one shots films and other side plots with supporting characters. Marvel Studios intend to release these creative ideas in the form of DVDs. However, nowadays one of the biggest obstacle in releasing movies in the form of DVDs is that people in the potential market don’t opt to buy DVDs to watch movies anymore.

Conversely, in the time to come for Marvel and also The Russo Brothers it will become very difficult to promote their films. It has also been observed that Forbes have been told by Anthony Russo that for their next big project Avengers: Infinity War they are building similar platforms.

Yes agreed, the era of DVDs have ended but with the advancement in information technology internet has offered one easily accessible platform i.e. YouTube for films like Avengers: Infinity war to reach its fans. However, the work is still in its initial phases and the team is working hard to figure out possible ways.

Owing to such immense advance and accessibility of internet, every single person on the planet is well aware of YouTube and similar platforms which pretty much makes easy for Marvel’s fans to reach new content. This also make sense because Marvel’s fans access YouTube anyways to check out films or short films trailers and other latest images. However, as Avengers: Infinity War intends to introduce all Marvel hero’s together, they need to come up with something new.

When it comes to keeping fans focused and attracted, YouTube standpoint in doing it in a better manner. Even for Marvel introducing new content over DVD may entice fans to make an extra purchase however, YouTube would allow Marvel to re-engage fans over a period of time due to easy access. It is also quite evident that more of revenue can be earned with the gain received over ad’s that many of Marvel fans watch over YouTube in compare to the possible lost out on DVD sales and games, from console games to online slots which you can play casino online. This difference was discussed by Anthony Russo at the time of trailer launch. He further said that though the launch of trailer over YouTube might not have brought trailer cost money but will produce revenue in directly leading to immense ticket sales. This new plan will soon be seen into effect.


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