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Sons Of Anarchy soa finale

After seeing the mayhem ensue in last week’s episode, it was hard to know what the series finale would bring us. Was the final ride worth it? At this point, I’d say no. Papa’s Goods gave us some decent moments, but overall the two hour finale felt drawn out and the moments that did matter were rushed, leaving us with more questions than answers.

Sons Of Anarchy soa suits of woe

The truth hurts, and it always finds a way of rearing its ugly head at the worst of times. After last week’s surprise ending of Abel telling Jax about Gemma killing Tara, it was even more startling how quickly the truth came out in the open for this and many other secrets.

Sons Of Anarchy Sons Greensleeves

We’re officially past the half-way mark of the final season of Sons, and things are finally kicking into gear. Family has been one of the central themes of Sons, and Gemma has always been the anchor of the family; not just for the Tellers, but for SAMCRO as well.

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