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SOA Crows

Sons of Anarchy, Season 7, Episode 8, “The Separation of Crows”

October 28, 2014, 10:00 pm (EST), FX

The themes of right and wrong continue to be played out in tonight’s episode of Sons. We also get to see SAMCRO start down a very dangerous path, one that may see many members harmed or killed if Jax continues on this road.

The juxtaposition of Juice and Bobby at the beginning was a nice touch. As they’re both served breakfast by their guards, Juice doesn’t eat and wants to setup a meeting to deal with the DA and Sherriff’s. Bobby, knowing he has no options, sits back and takes it in.

Before we get into the mess Jax brings upon himself, we get to see him in a reflective state on a rooftop, something reminiscent of the younger, gentler Jax. It’s a bittersweet moment, as Jax getting lost in his thoughts contemplating the morality of what he and the club were doing is something we never see anymore. The roof became a safe haven too, as he read through JT’s manifesto. That boy is long gone; he never could lead this group of men.

Moses’ conversation with Bobby about them being soldiers, war and following orders was very spot-on to how this whole ordeal has gone down between Jax and Marks. Despite Bobby calling Moses out, saying that they’re all just thugs getting paid for their talents, it doesn’t change a thing. Moses attempts to get Bobby to give up the location of the preacher’s body so he doesn’t have to suffer. Even after losing his eye and possibly losing his fingers so he can’t ride and be part of the Sons, Bobby laughs it off. It’s more of a delirious laughter though. Bobby knows as much as Jax cares for him, he’ll likely end up dead or severely mutilated before it’s over.

Juice’s meeting with Unser and Jarry seemed like an odd play, offering to give up the people who killed Tara and Eli in exchange for getting put in the same place as Lin. Unser knows right away Juice is doing something for SAMCRO and advises Jarry against it. She says she has to do what’s best for Charming, but will consider her options. Would Juice actually confess to killing Eli, or will he throw Gemma under the bus? Why would he continue talking about the Chinese if he is serious about making a deal? I have a feeling he’d want Jax to handle Gemma, but perhaps prison would be a worse fate for her.

While helping the preacher’s wife clean up from her drug problem, Gemma tells her that they have to just get back up after they fall down. The preacher’s wife goes on to say her weakness is what drove her son to violence and that it’s not in his nature. Gemma counters with the same argument she’s always used: it’s about what’s best for the family. She goes on to tell the wife she needs to stay focused in front of her to help her son. Gemma certainly can’t say the same. She’s too busy worrying about her grandsons and talking to imaginary Tara to provide any help to Jax.

Marks is clearly setting his sights on Jax’s family more than ever. Gemma discovering her birds torn up and left in her bed a la The Godfather was a bit much, but effective nonetheless. “NO SON IS SAFE” scrawled in crayon was an eerie reminder to Jax that not only are his sons not safe, but neither is the club.

Moses lived up to his promise and cut off several of Bobby’s fingers before sending them to Jax in another brown box. How many more of these will we see before Jax gets a handle on things?

The biggest scene of the episode is Jax finally confronting Jury about ratting out SAMCRO to Lin and the Triads. We had suspected it was Jury for some time, and now that we know Jury’s son was one of the two men Jax and Chibs murdered. Despite Jury telling Jax it wasn’t him, Jax wasn’t buying any of it. Jury went on to infer that perhaps JT committed suicide to save the club rather than rat them out. Jax and Jury get into it, with Jax ending it by murdering Jury, despite claiming self-defense to Chibs later on. This is probably the worst decision Jax has ever made. He needs all his attention focused on getting Bobby back and ending Marks. Now he’ll have to deal with internal beef with the various Sons chapters. One thing is for certain: Jax is no longer a good man.

The Roundup

  • Not that it makes up for his past crimes, it was nice to see Tig take a shot at the step-dad for beating his son-in-law.
  • Why must Courtney Love be here again? It’s a pointless distraction and the role could’ve been played by any actress, much like Lea Michele’s character.
  • Abel questioning Gemma on “accidents” was a nice attempt to guilt her, but the scene just felt flat and without emotion.
  • It’s hard to feel any sympathy for Jax anymore. He’s not even likable.
7.0 GOOD

Despite making some inroads with finding the rat (though the jury’s out on that one, no pun intended), this episode had little energy to it outside the scene Bobby and Moses. Jax is spiraling out of control, and now an internal Sons beef is just another distraction SAMCRO and the audience doesn’t need.

  • GOOD 7

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