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Game of Thrones GoT Mothers Mercy

At some point, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss lost me. Season five has been a very divisive season of television, not just for me but in the larger cultural conversation. Some people see this as the obvious continuation of the story we’ve been watching all this time; others have seen one of this season’s many atrocities as the bridge too far, the jumping off point for them, the point at which the show broke its contract with the viewers.

Game of Thrones GoT Gift

This season of Game of Thrones is currently on very thin ice, in my estimation. I’ve talked before about my decreasing faith in the showrunners to effectively deviate from the source material, and season five has in many ways made my worst nightmares come true, in that regard.

Game of Thrones GoT Kill

As much as Game of Thrones is an epic that spans continents and tells the tale of a mighty power struggle between factions with long histories, it is also an intimate character study. Though the show is interested in the slow, painful evolution of systems, it is also fascinated by the ways that same growth is reflected in individual characters.

Game of Thrones GoT High Sparrow

Status is a slippery thing. It is not something easily gained, nor cleanly maintained. It is not something that can be completely controlled, nor used in exactly the way we might like. Status is a crucial thing for the characters on Game of Thrones, heavily embroiled in their struggles for power and multi-layered manipulations.

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