New Rogue One Trailer Builds a Rebellion on Hope



We’re just over two months away from Gareth Edwards’ standalone Star Wars movie, and its latest trailer makes a very strong case that if this isn’t going to be one of the best Star Wars movies ever made it is easily going to be the most visually stunning. Reteaming with his Godzilla DP, Seamus McGarvey, Edwards gives us a world bursting with life that adds to the iconography of the franchise. He gives us fresh angles at familiar images and inserts stunning new images that fit right in with the world at play, maybe even subverting a few things too.

There’s a genuine, contagious sense of adventure and (dare a blockbuster be labeled so) fun in this new trailer. More backstory for our female lead, more look at the vibrant action scenes, and another tease for Vader. This is such an exciting world, and as fun as the marketing was for Force Awakens, the Rogue One advertising blows it out of the water. It doesn’t just make me want to see the movie right away, it reminds me why I was so excited to return to this world in the first place. Star Wars isn’t going away any time soon, but when Disney and Lucasfilm promising us stuff like this, how is that a bad thing?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters December 16.


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