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Awards season is about to get real. End of the year lists have already started to roll in and this week, shiny little statues will begin to be handed out to those films that you just might get around to seeing in like February or something. Us critics get all excited about this time of year, it’s that time when we are seemingly rewarded for slogging through months of reboots, sequels, and the just plain bad, with something much closer…

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It’s been 8 years since we were last got our on-screen taste of Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, the Invisible Woman and Thing. However this year will see another Marvel revival which finds the Fantastic Four franchise reboot itself into a “contemporary re-imagining”. Chronicle helmer Josh …

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Every so often, agreements are reached that change markets and industries. The worlds of cinema and gaming experienced this recently, when Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios came together to announce an historic agreement over the rights to the iconic character Spiderman.

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