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Time’s up. Put your pencils down.

The past six months of prognostication all boils down to tonight, when the envelopes are opened. As much as Best Picture might feel like a foregone conclusion (and I actually don’t think it is the most certain category of them all), some uncertainties remain. How long are the La La Land coattails?

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When I kicked off Year Six of Projection: Oscar way back on August 31 of last year – nearly six full months ago – I wasn’t sure we’d get here. Just over two months into the season – on November 8, to be exact – I was even less sure. But a funny thing happened on the way to total human extermination: the Oscar season almost functioned as therapy.

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Well, we’ve nearly made it to the end. Which, for me, means it’s time to take a short break from thoughts of what “will” win and think about what “should” win. Time for me to fill out my “Official Oscar Ballot,” offering you an exclusive peek into how I would vote if I was a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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Each year, the three Short Film categories at the Oscars wield tremendous power – which is to say, they tend to make or break a lot of Oscar pools. Predicting winners in these categories tends to be slipperier than so many of the major categories, for a variety of obvious and not-so-obvious reasons. We spend six months parsing all the…

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Ever since broadband internet speeds reached appropriate levels to allow large files to be downloaded over the course of an hour or so; people have been sharing media files across the world. Torrenting has become a major player in the media download market but there have been some concerns over its legality due to copyright laws – is there a way around these restrictions?

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As we continue down the industry precursor path, the race is appearing to crystallize. Damien Chazelle won the DGA and The Jungle Book dominated the Visual Effects Society Awards. The Cinematographers offered something of a surprise, handing their top prize to Lion’s Greig Fraser.

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