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“I believe whatever arrangement between grown, consenting adults, it must begin with the truth.” When we reenter the story of Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson in 1965, one thing is as clear as ever: Bill Masters is a self-righteous hypocrite, a prickly, difficult, deeply troubled man whose tunnel vision is rewarded with massive success scientifically and mixed results personally.

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We spend so much of our lives hiding ourselves. Not just little things, like tiny indignities that pockmark our days or minor thoughts that throw off our mood. We hide big things. We hide the things that drive us, the things that hurt us or help us to cope with the pain.

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Season two of Masters of Sex cleaved itself neatly into two halves last week, taking most of its subplots to natural conclusion points and hinting at big changes to come. “Asterion” is a structurally innovative episode, tracking over three years in the partnership of Masters and Johnson, as they start their own clinic, continue the study, and fall out of and back into each others’ orbits.

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A few weeks back, Masters of Sex gave us one of the best hours of television I’ve seen this year so far in “Fight.” On the surface, that episode bore a more than slight resemblance to one of the all-time great episodes of another great series, Mad Men’s “The Suitcase”: it was an episode taking place largely in one location on the night of a landmark boxing match, where an older man and a younger woman with a complex, contentious working relationship sorted through their personal and professional problems.

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